Monday, February 11, 2013

chinese new year

did you know it was chinese new year this past weekend??
until this year, i wouldn't have had ANY idea when it was either.
but we have GOOD friends that now have a daughter (!) that is still in china and all of a sudden we feel so much closer to a country we haven't given much thought of in the past.
we celebrated on sunday evening over dinner. i made this recipe and some kids liked it and some didn't. oh well. we decorated with some easy paper lanterns. and ate with chopsticks.
 "have i died and gone to heaven??"
after dinner we had a "parade" with a 6 headed "dragon" (an old "happy birthday" tablecloth with 6 holes cut in it and streamers taped to the side). i found "the chinese new year 2013 song" and we played it in the background.
 watching the song...
 levi waving "good night" to the girl singing the song before heading up to bed :-)
we are so in love with that little girl in china. and this was a small way for us to act on our love. we can't WAIT to meet her!!!!!

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Ali said...

This was so sweet for our hearts to see. I can't wait for you to meet her. Heck, I can't wait to meet her ;) So thankful for your love for our Sugar Plum.