Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas 2012

this is going to be the longest post EVER.
but, i have hardly been here on this computer...and i want to get back to my family!

so, here goes christmas 2012...

christmas eve morning pat had to work for a few hours. so, the rest of us cleaned, cooked, went to the gym and waited for dad and grandmommy and granddad to arrive at 10:30 am..they all pulled up at the SAME TIME!

we did christmas with  pat's parents that morning...

sawyer's first lego set. i'm certain it won't be his last. he has the same kind of attention span that joshua does.
we ate yummy ham with rolls and fruit and chips for lunch with pat's parents (and christmas cookies!) and then they left so that the younger kids could take naps and we could regroup a bit.

got everyone up and dressed and went to church. it was CROWDED! we stood in the back.

you can't really see her...but bailey was one of the few kids that got to go on stage and demonstrate the sign language motions to "silent night." that girl has some SERIOUS confidence. i love her!
from there we headed to alexandria (an hour away) pat's aunt's house. ate dinner, opened gifts, got to see his dad's side of the family. this is what the 3 little boys did the whole time - waited until they could OPEN those gifts (in their defense...their wasn't much else for them to do!)
got home around 9:30 pm. took this picture that i LOVE. and put everyone to bed!!!
then pat and i set everything up for the morning...
it's CHRISTMAS!!!! they have to wait in their rooms until we say they can come down. we get up and start the monkey bread cooking...turn on all the lights and was about 8 am once we were ready to let them come down.
right away they get to go through their "stockings"..

i know i look like death. but it's the only picture with me in it! i really felt great and didn't feel like i was about to die (like i look!) bailey asked for (and got!) "girl lego's" :-)
then we make and eat a BIG breakfast. it's pat's favorite meal of the YEAR! monkey bread, biscuits, sausage, bacon, eggs.
while we were cleaning up...yes, bailey is jump-roping!
next is the candle!
then we open our gifts to Jesus...

then we opened our gifts from each kid...this was new this year and THE cutest thing ever!!
this was levi opening the gift sawyer got him. i LOVE this picture!!
sawyer got lincoln a snake :-) he liked it!
only joshua would sit down with his multiplication book and work on it during christmas day :-)
then the kids opened our gifts to them. they each get 3.
then the little guys rested while we changed/pat and i exchanged gifts (he did GOOD!)/got stuff ready for our evening with my family!

my family (my parents, steve, hannah and john) arrived at 4 pm.

did stockings first...
then made homemade tortillas together...

snacked on guacamole (it's very festive looking, don't you think??)

i have no pictures of dinner ?!?! boo! it was so nice. i'm sure my mom got some...

then we played some "minute to win it" games. SO much fun. SO many laughs!

end of the day...we sang some christmas carols and steve played the guitar. we opened gifts. ate dessert. and just enjoyed being together.
it was a BUSY 2 days. but so fun to see ALL those we love so much in those 2 days! i admit to not having the best attitude until the evening of christmas day. i just get so worked up with the NEXT thing that needs to happen. i wish i could just enjoy the moment a little more. i feel like i'm always having to plan/prepare so that the next thing will happen!

oh. i forgot this picture!! this was bailey's card to pat. it is SO precious!

 the morning of dec 26th...ripping all the christmas stuff down! bailey was singing to me while i took the lights off the tree. by the evening of the 26th EVERYTHING was down and away (except for the outside stuff - it was raining all day. but it's down now!) and i can BREATHE again! i LOVE how clean and empty my house feels once all the christmas stuff is put away! i LOVE the decorations, but the minute christmas is over i can't STAND them anymore!
 i just love him. he is SO amazing to put up with me!
 he got this 2000 piece lego set of R2D2 for christmas. it's for age 16+. he finished it in 2 days.

 pat worked the mornings this week.
once he got home yesterday, we went downtown for an adventure!
dc botanical gardens, national christmas tree, and dinner at chick fil a.
 train exhibit in the botanical gardens.

 national christmas tree. SO pretty.
 both girls got TOMS for christmas. and have worn them ever since.
 dude loves trains!
 i love him! :-)
going out with friends tonight. gearing up for a FUN new years long weekend with friends coming into town! i likely won't be back until 2013!!!

i hope you had a great Christmas...and are soaking in any extra moments you're having with those you love!  i sure am!


Alden and Dorian said...'s NO wonder you feel PRESSED during Christmas my daughter. You have 6 kids. You have BOTH sides of your family RIGHT here in town. You do things SO WELL. For now....enjoy getting all these things d.o.n.e. Enjoy the time you have with your kiddos these days off. We love your family. We love who you are. Happy few days leading up to....NEW Year's ~ 2013! Oh can it be. Love you this day.

Holly said...

I agree with yo' mama.

I LOVE those games!!! That picture of Hannah and your dad is a framer!!!

Michelle H said...

Merry Christmas! Love the pictures!! :)