Saturday, August 13, 2011

some thoughts...

i'm sitting in our study trying MADLY to finish something for church on my computer while pat tries to keep the 6 LOUD children as quiet as he can in the basement so that i can think straight.

they aren't quiet. at all. but i LOVE 3 year old voices.

i also love my husband. a LOT. if i can finish this, i am looking forward to a nice evening with him once these LOUD children are in bed :-)

pat and i had a conversation today about, "where would you pick up and move if you could go ANYWHERE in the world? and money wasn't an option." his answer, "no where." he wants to stay here. we are SO blessed with friends and family here that we wouldn't leave unless God made it CLEAR to do so. what a blessing!

{but...just for the record...if relationships were removed from the question and it was JUST about location...i would go to the BEACH! PERFECTION would be living on some gorgeous beach in Africa - so i could be on the beach...but be close enough to do whatever God asks me to over there}

it's supposed to rain/storm all day tomorrow. how PERFECT is that for a Sunday?? love it!

i was MADE to be a mom. i LOVE this. hard? yes. but what in life is worth doing if it's not hard at times?

i know the most AMAZING people. and i call them FRIENDS! wow!

we are gearing up for our one and only beach trip this summer coming up. i'm very nervous...but everyone else is excited! so, i'm trying to go with that...i'm certain there will be chocolate and diet coke and margarita's there which is good :-)

any good beach books to recommend?? lighter...but not TOO light??

ok. my report is done to keep working!


Ali said...

please don't even think about Africa! oh, did I say that?
I can not WAIT to be at the beach with YOU. EVEN if it's the craziest trip we have EVER had. 6 years?!?!? what the heck!

Katy said...

i was wondering when you were going to mention out loud that you were starting to think about your beach trip. it's going to be great - lincoln is going to LOVE the beach i think! :) is there anything he hasn't loved??? you'll be going backwards a step having a baby/napper again, but other than that, it's going to be SO fun!!

Ashley Smith said...

If you haven't read "the help" you should! i just read it while we were at the beach. i read it in 3 days because i couldn't put it down! it was soooo good!

Laura said...

I am right there with you. The beach ALL THE WAY!! I hope someday God will allow me to live there!!!!

Anonymous said...

THE HELP is a wonderful book. I have a copy if you want to borrow it for the beach.
Paula P.

Michelle said...

I just started reading the Twilight books....finally caved in. The first one was okay, and I hope that it leads to a more developed story in the next ones.

Kris said...

I too have The Help and highly recommend it. Also, have you read 'Water for Elephants'? I read it at the beach earlier this summer in about 3 days - it was one of those you hate to see end. Have that copy if you want to borrow it too. I love these kind of 'problems'!

Leighann said...

how about pittsburgh. i'll make you a margarita.

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Courtney said...

The Help
Water for Elephants
The Hunger Games trilogy
The Quotidian Mysteries