Thursday, August 11, 2011

hope is here

"to know hope is to understand the absence of something desired."

naomi zacharias
i hoped for SO long. so hard. so much. in so many ways.

and now they are here. HOPE is HERE. in my house. laughing. crying. smiling. eating. loving. playing. running. messing. reading. sleeping. bathing. dressing. touching. hugging. kissing. talking (!). screaming. sharing. fighting.

God is good.


Katy said...

Have loved all these posts. The crazy hard ones from last week. The special one on one time with Bailey. The precious laughing and perpetually happy face of Lincoln as he explores the creek. God is pleased with your obedience Courtney. I love seeing how He continues to order your steps and days!

Henry said...

Love this!

Henry said...

Oh shoot, that's me, leighann. Henry is logged into our computer. :)

Megan said...

Great post!