Wednesday, August 10, 2011

afternoon walk to the creek

we took lincoln {and levi!} to the creek for the first time yesterday afternoon.

lincoln rode his BIKE all the way there! and did GREAT!

{these 2 are fighting less. and laughing more.}
two things have never happened to me that i am afraid to deal with - a flat tire on my car. and my bike chain falling off.

joshua's chain fell off his bike on our way there. and i figured out how to put it back on! it's amazing what you can do in the heat of the moment.

LOVE this expression of his! he does it a lot.

she is such a tomboy. and i love that.
we were only able to stay for about 30 minutes. WAY too short for all of them...especially this one. we are going to have to go back soon!

oh, yes. he did!
and she did, too!

potty break.
all 6.

it wasn't supposed to be bath night. stripped them all in the garage. handed them their bathing suits. filled up the little baby pool and threw them a bar of soap while i got dinner on the table.

bailey chose to get her pj's on and draw on the front step instead of play in the pool.


Holly said...

phew...exhausted just looking at that!?

Ali said...

what a dare devil. owen would never try that. looked like a fun and exhausting walk!

Maggie said...

I spent my summers creeking and getting messy as a child, yet I have no idea how to cope when the kids are messy. What is that about?

Hannah said...

That's SO fun! They're so adventurous! And youre so great to take them out to do that! And encourage the biking in the muddy creek! I THINK that was the stuff we MAYBE did when we ventured out withOUT the parents:) though I do have some memories of dad taking us on those crazy long, and often muddy bike rides:) those are memories they're always gonna enjoy looking back on!

And as always, way to be resourceful with the bath time:)

Leighann said...

i'm shocked you've never had to fix a bike chain! i'm glad you figured it out. great idea with the bar of soap in the pool. now only if i had a pool. :)

Kim said...

so much fun you all had.sorry you had the trouble but looks like you did well getiing it all back together. phew is right also.