Wednesday, August 10, 2011

lunch with bailey

the love from others to our family right now is humbling. i have a hard time accepting it. saying, "yes, i need help."

but, i'm trying to learn.

joshua and rebekah are both in camps this week. from 9:30 am - 2 pm.

a friend and her daughter came over yesterday and watched the younger 3 boys (and fed them lunch!) while i took bailey out to lunch. i'm thankful that i thought of the idea. it was a treat for BOTH of us!

i wanted to take her somewhere special.
she wanted mcdonald's. :-)

we failed miserably at all the pics we took together. oh well.

LOVE her style! wish i could take credit for it, but it's all her...

i took ALL of these (and more!) in a period of about 10 seconds. seriously.
i love her fingers.

stopped at a field on the (1/2 mile) home and took a few more pictures. just because.
i mean...

ok. so i didn't even realize she was doing this cross-eyed thing...
and she kept doing it...
and doing it...
and doing it!

oh, it was so good for my heart to have some time with her. to listen to her without having to say, "just a second! sawyer has to go to the bathroom. lincoln is dumping the water out on the floor. levi is eating a bandaid..."

she is SUCH a breath of fresh air to be around!

just an hour. that's all it took. but it was PRICELESS!


jenn said...

"levi is eating a bandaid."

thank you for making me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! :) seriously.

LOVE that you had this sweet time with precious bailey. {i'm pretty sure addie and bailey are twins somehow...}

LOVE seeing your beautiful smile.

praying the rest of your day is as sweet!! or at least...manageable?? ;)


Rutledge 7 said...

what a sweet time!

love the style!

benjamin poured four tall glasses of water on the bathroom floor today... a random act of misbehavior, we have lots!

oh, the adventures and mis-happenings of life!

great of you to take that special time with bailey! fun mom!

Alden and Dorian said...

I believe your precious hour gave all of us a "breath of fresh air". Thankful Courtney ~ for such a sweet time for you both...and oh wow, what stylin Bailey is doing. Adorable!

Hannah said...

AH, these pictures KILL me, and that girl kills me, and how beautiful you look kills me! What a fun post:)

The boots. Seriously?! And all of those facial expressions! So Bailey!

Also LOVE the Levi eating a bandaid comment thrown in there:) your days...

Leighann said...

this one made me cry... and love her style. she reminds me of ainsley.