Tuesday, August 9, 2011


well, that was a heavy post, huh??

let's move on.

this dude is STRONG! did i post this yet? lincoln was doing something the other day - he just had his bathing suit on. and joshua said, "MOM! LOOK AT HIS BACK!" i thought he had a bug on it or something. no. joshua couldn't believe his muscles! pat has big {football scholarship} plans for this kid...

these 2 are hilarious on their bikes. they love them.
love her. {they aren't real. she just loves accessories.}
he is SO cute.
beauty. baby toes. toddler toes. gorgeous brothers together.
got creative with snacktime the other day. had a gift card to dunkin donuts (so FUN!) we went for a run/bike ride to dunkin donuts. and undid all the calories we might have burned :-)
found him like this the other day. he is never allowed to be alone anymore...he has a shadow. i LOVED watching him play alone...slowly putting his cars one at a time in his bag. then zipping it up. oh....
rebekah made this for me :-) good example of how great it is to keep the bar set real low. i love how she is excited that we "eat lunch at Sams sometimes." :-)
complete!!! {dark room. glass on frames. hard to get a good picture of the good pictures! sorry!}


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Mandy said...

what a precious note from your daughter. how cool that she thought to do that!?!

Maggie said...

Love the note. Love the pictures. Love the toes.

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He's a beast. Whoa.