Saturday, August 27, 2011

annual beach trip - on the beach

there were all kinds of combinations of how people in our group got to the beach...on bikes, walking, in cars.

we loaded the back of our car with all the toys and towels and little kids and drove down (it's just a couple blocks)
ali captured lincoln's first view of the ocean :-)

ali caught me reading a book! {i read Room. is was a good read! i would recommend it!}

more on this guy later...
except for levi's aggression...the kids all get along SO SO well. it's amazing.

ali spent awhile on joshua's boogie board one day! it was so fun watching her have so much fun!

sawyer was so funny. wouldn't go NEAR the waves the first day...slowly warmed up...

would wait like this for the waves to come fill up his bucket :-)

levi became miserable at the beach pretty quickly. so i would keep him in this until his screaming got to a certain level. then we'd let him down. i think i'm gritting my teeth...

a mermaid...
they found a BIG crab!

we {obviously} had awesome weather!


Courtney said...

I am SO amazed you were able to sit and read!!!! I have no excuse now to not finish a book! Glad you had a wonderful trip!

Courtney said...

glad you enjoyed Room! Kinda strange, but captivating at the same time, right?!
So glad you had some time for rest. Looks like it as a pretty great trip!