Saturday, August 27, 2011

annual beach trip - levi

lincoln and levi totally switched places this was a JOY! and levi tested my patience.

at least they take turns, right??

one of the biggest frustrations with levi was anytime we were around water. which was basically 80% of the time he was awake. we spent the mornings at the beach. and the afternoons at the pool.

he.has.NO.fear. and TRIES to drown himself. it's completely exhausting to keep him alive. one of us has to be ON him 100%.

he LOVES just flinging himself into the water/waves.

and the pool??
just walks right off the edge. {loves sawyer's laugh in the background of this picture.}
i was thankful levi took good, long naps each afternoon!

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Renee said...

My oldest son was exactly like this. It made it so hard to be anywhere around water. He was literally fighting us every moment to be in the water. You're pictures look just like some I have of him. Sometimes we just had him wear a life jacket at all times...just in case!