Saturday, August 27, 2011

annual beach trip - at the house

we got back from our annual beach trip yesterday.
we were evacuated 1 day early - stupid hurricanes! {remember we were evacuated last year, too??}

we had a GREAT week.
i had VERY low expectations...just because of adding 2 new sons to our family and having quite a summer of transition...and things went WAY better than i expected!

this will be the shortest post - we just don't spend much time playing in the house. if we are in the house, we are making a meal or eating a meal or bathing kids or putting kids to bed or hanging out together at night after the kids are in bed...

isn't this such a HAPPY picture?!?
levi ended up being way harder than lincoln - a surprise to me.
part of the reason was that he set his sights on sweet ryan and made it his pastime to hit him over the head with things...or bite him. ugh.
the fun posts are coming :-)

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