Sunday, July 31, 2011

the fair!!

we went to the fair last night! it was so fun!!! picked up subway on the way for the kids (i just couldn't BEAR to spend fair prices on dinner...)

when we first arrived, we watched the magic show, and one of our friend's was there...and up on the stage! so cool!

then we let each kid pick 1 ride to ride. sawyer didn't want to ride one.

right after the kids finished their rides, we ran into some other friends! so FUN!!!

went over and got a spot to watch the rodeo together...sat there for like 30 minutes (maybe even 45?) waiting for it to start. it never did. we eventually left...i'm sure it started at some point...
but we are trying to be wise in our decisions with timing...and it was made pretty clear that it was time to GO!
pat and i grabbed chipotle for dinner, got the kids down, and enjoyed a quiet dinner. those "just the 2 of us" dinners at 8:30 pm after the kids are in bed are becoming my FAVORITE thing these days!

it was a GOOD day!


Katy said...

Cool pics!! Those little town fairs look like so fun! Good for you for leaving when it was time and not trying to force the issue! :)

jenn said...

fun! man - you guys are brave - it was HOT!!! awesome pics! and super cute little border/caption thingies!!

Alden and Dorian said...

Ohhhhh what a FANTASTIC night this was for you all!!!! I LOVED all the pictures ~ and like you said, SMILES all around. I too like the "caption" thingies! AND....the last picture....Lincoln crashed....AND lastly, chipotle date for you and Pat. Thank you God for precious FUN times for this family.

scooping it up said...

cute cute pics, can I ask, what font did you use?

sorry about your panic attack. it's hard holding all those little people together. thinking of you, dear.