Sunday, July 31, 2011

birthday breakfast for dad

we went out yesterday morning to celebrate my dad's birthday.
just adults.
no kids.
it was so special!

my mom made a bag for each decade of my dad's life...and each decade was talked through - memories shared...milestones remembered...
 how i loved hearing my dad share about his life

 he is a "simple" man, humble, hard-working, adventurous, quiet, wise, smart, loving, Christ-like, strong, gentle, fun...
 he somehow takes the qualities of smart and humble....strong and gentle...and has the PERFECT balance between the two.
 we laughed and laughed. i LOVE my brother's laugh! :-)
we each wrote down 12 things we love about him (it added up to 60 - his age) and read them to him.
i was all choked up after phill read his, so i offered to read hannah's, thinking it would calm my emotions down before i read mine. WRONG! i cried through most of it. missing HER and agreeing with her sweet words about my dad were too much!
once again (i could NEVER say it enough!)...PROUD to call this man my dad.
thankful for the time (we sat there for 3 hours!) to celebrate him!

 aren't they the cutest?!?
{i also really enjoyed the time away from our crazy home with this guy!!! :-) it was good for us!}


Katy said...

what a precious gift - for ALL of you to get to share his life like that together. I LOVE the idea of a bag for each decade....what a treasure of memories that you all get to celebrate and share!! he is SUCH a wonderful man - I am SO thankful for the time you GROWNUPS got to share celebrating. (and added perk for you and pat to get out alone (sort of) too!!) LOVE the picture of you two and of your parents. LOVE that!

Leighann said...

what a great idea of having a different gift bag for each decade. i love your mom!

Courtney said...

how special! and what a great photo of you & pat!

Ali said...

those are some awesome ideas to celebrate a person. amazing. what a gift to have such an amazing earthly father! i love your dress too ;)

Tammy said...

can i just say YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! in those pictures. the celebration was special, but i was just staring at the pictures of you!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

jenn said...

love it! happy birthday, mr. smith!! :)

Megan said...

Totally agree with all those saying how beautiful you look. Stunning. So glad your dad was celebrated in a special way!

Kate and Geoff said...

1) there's nothing like a dad. love that you got to celebrate him like this
2) you look stunning. dress, necklace, smile and that handsome husband. love that pic of you two!

Judy said...

What a precious time!!!
I love the decade bag idea and how you each wrote 12 things you love about him! Sweet idea.

My mom reads your blog now :) She started reading when you were in Africa and she stopped by my house once and I was sitting there at the computer sobbing. I guess all my sobbing made her curious and now she's hooked on the Cassadas! Anyway she LOVED this post. Even called me and started talking about my dads 70th birthday next year!