Tuesday, July 5, 2011

day 1 with 6 kids - sunday, july 3

we survived our first night together at home...everyone slept well and didn't wake up QUITE as early as we thought they would.

we headed out first thing to welcome the snyder's home on the SAME flight we had come home on the morning before!

it sure was nice being on the other side of those gates :-) what a joy it was to welcome them home!!!
on the way home, we made our first trip to target.
just for new toothbrushes. you can't use the water in africa to brush your teeth, so we had just been pouring bottled water on our toothbrushes for 3 weeks and couldn't STAND to use them one more day!
after rest time, we played outside.
i love what game rebekah chose to do :-) laundry...she saw this a LOT in africa!
as i've said, pat and lincoln have an amazing bond already.
in africa, he and lincoln were a pair, and i had levi. it was just the way it was.
i was so thankful for the bond lincoln had with pat, but also knew it would make things a bit harder when we got home and pat went off to work.

i got to be the one to wake lincoln up on sunday from his nap, and enjoyed a few still moments with him.

a neighbor let us borrow their pool to put in our yard...
all 6 are in the pic...lincoln just jumped right in and had a blast!!!


Kris said...

I LOVE how Lincoln Loves his backpack! We're thrilled to read each post. Thank you for sharing all of them!

Debbie said...

I love the pic of Lincoln snuggling on you while Sawyer has his hand on his back so lovingly. Just precious. And now I recognize the Snyder family...she gave her testimony during Conversations! And now they have their baby!! Amazing!

Maggie said...

I love reading about your journey! So glad you are all home and becoming a new normal.