Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the after party

an amazing account of us arriving home at the airport is in the works. and i know it will be amazing because i'm not the one doing it :-) be patient. it is going to be worth it.

after we left the airport, our families and a couple close friends came back to our house for THE most delicious meal i have EVER tasted!

how sweet it was to have our car FULL of children!!! {and lincoln and levi handled the car seats beautifully! we were worried about that...}
our house was decorated inside and out...welcoming us HOME!!!

we so enjoyed talking to everyone, letting them get to know lincoln and levi a bit...

some of our wonderful neighbors stopped by!
my dad is the BEST listener...
pat showing off the passports for lincoln and levi that we worked and prayed SO hard for!
i love how lincoln is looking at my dad as he prayed for our meal!
my mom worked SO hard to make the day perfect...every last detail was amazing! there was SO much yummy food. and so many sweet and thoughtful decorations. and she made 2 full meals for us to have the rest of the weekend ready in the fridge. AND she stocked our kitchen so i wouldn't have to go grocery shopping right away! and she did it ALL with sawyer in tow - which i KNOW was a bit tricky! our cars were even filled up with gas! my parents thought of EVERYTHING!

i was SO excited for chick fil a nuggets - and, in my defense, these were for sawyer AND me...i didn't eat them ALL!

one of my DEAREST friends, that lives about 2 hours away, surprised me by being at the airport with her family! the fogarty's were SUCH A sweet sight to see!!! and ali had everyone that was there sign this for us!
she has walked SO closely with me through this. even blogging the entire trip for me ( i emailed each post and picture to her and she posted them). she has held me up when i didn't think i could go on.
we survived!!!
this was in the middle of it all, they just fell asleep :-)
my parents with ALL their grandchildren!
both sets of grandparents with the cassada grandkids!
it was SO fun to just play outside...to just be NORMAL!
i spent the rest of the day unpacking and doing laundry. pat played with the kids. we tried SO hard to keep everyone awake until about 7 pm and then we put them all to bed. pat said at one point, he was playing lego's with sawyer and was sitting up and literally fell asleep and was woken up when he hit the floor :-)

i have NEVER liked doing laundry. but i LOVED it that day!!!


Judy said...

Oh gracious...I'm just going to keep the tissue box by the computer from now on!! Your whole family is so beautiful and supportive of this journey. I love all the things your parents did to make your transition home easier!! Hats off to them!!! Looks like Lincoln and Levi did really well around such a big crowd of people!!

Meridith said...

Courtney - You are so amazing. Thank you for keeping us up to date. We love seeing your sweet family. Can't wait to meet Lincoln an Levi in person. They look so happy. What blessed boys! God is so good!

Megan said...

What an awesome day! For you to all be home and celebrating. I LOVE the poster from your shepherd group...who is the creative artist?