Tuesday, July 5, 2011

day of celebration

our july 4th, 2011 was a day of celebration...for our family being complete...for us being together...

we braved the pool and they LOVED it!

we were the first ones there...many more people came!

after rest time, pat suggested we have a "celebration" dinner (i think what HE was celebrating was that we survived africa....) at five guys. he didn't have to convince me for long!
lincoln had his first hot dog - and LOVED it! {it's amazing how many "first's" happen EVERY day!}
we are like a traveling circus. the looks we have gotten as we were out this past weekend are so funny! and we've gotten in SO many conversations with so many strangers! it's pretty fun!

after dinner, we stopped at our ice cream place by the fountain and had yet one more "first" :-)

i just love EACH of these...so i'm posting them all!

as the day wore on, my heart got heavier...anticipating pat leaving for work the next morning. i KNOW i will be able to do it. it's just a bit overwhelming to think about...

we ended the day with some sparklers...and gave them all baths (whew! what an ordeal!) and put them to bed!

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Katy said...

i LOVED seeing the kids ALL in their Old Navy shirts! What a momentous fourth of july - with two new little citizens to boot!!! LOVE the pics - LOVE that they loved the pool! Of course they did!!! What a special day of celebration!! (it is so fun hearing how lincoln & levi respond to all these fun firsts!!!) the kids and i just talked about the fact that they had probably never had ice cream before! so my kids will be thrilled to know that now l & l have had it!! and loved it!