Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Videos of Cassada Crew

Enjoy a glimpse into our life here in Africa ~

This first video is in Rwanda as we travelled in our van.

 This next video is in Ethiopia at our hotel ~
the kids playing!

 Hannah took the videos and my Dad is posting for me.  :)


Kim said...

so cute, looks like everyone is good and doing well..
Have a good few days and you well be hopme soon..... love you aunt kim

Katy said...

it's SO good to hear lincoln's happy little voice! cracks me up to see bailey chasing him around - ofcourse!! can't wait to see you all in person soon!

Kim said...

that was good and another tooth lost yea....
Well soon be home we love you ll hugs aunt kim, kim

Mary Jeanes said...

How precious to see and hear those little ones in action, esp with the rest of your sweet kiddos! Wow, it didn't even occur to me that they wouldn't have car seats for the kids, esp. Levi! Traveling over seas with kids takes on a WHOLE new meaning in that regard! I bet it will be strange to be back in car seats and seat belts again here at home!