Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ethiopia day 7 (day 16)

I forgot about the show my kids put on last night for the guest house
It was adorable and everyone was a great sport to humor them :-)

Day 7 (tues, June 28) began the same...breakfast and playing ouside in our little parking lot
Rebekah got sick in the morning and didn't feel great all day
My friend that is also here, Stacey, was SUPER sick all day...spent a lot of time praying for her

Went to lunch (all the families go together) and then Hannah came back to the guest house with r,j, and b and pat and I went to the embassy with Lincoln and Levi for our appt.
After a 2 hour wait, we had a 3 minute interview and left with the frustrating news that they are issuing us the wrong kind of visa's for the boys
No matter what, the visa's will be done on thursday and we can leave
on friday - which is GREAT news
We are working on contacting the right people to fix the visa issue...praying it gets cleared up

Dinner and evening at guest house - all 5 kids were in bed and asleep before 8 pm!! Whoo-hoo!!

We hardly even know what to say to each other anymore
I don't think pat and I have had a real conversation for makes me sad, this precious time together...side by side in Africa, but it's just so hard to get through each minute.
I guess my prayer right now, besides just getting home and everyone staying healthy, is that pat and I could enjoy being together in this...even if just for a few minutes...

Every night since we've been in Ethiopia, we put l&l to bed and then pat & I play UNO with rebekah, Joshua and Bailey- it's a sweet time together

ALSO, Bailey lost ANOTHER tooth!!! One in Rwanda and one in ethiopia!!
How many 1st graders can say that?!?


Renee said...

How fun that Bailey lost teeth in two different countries! How old is she? Orin turned 6 in April and has yet to lose one. Hope you get the visa issue fixed. Will you have to re-finalize in the US if it isn't fixed? We came back on that kind of visa and it would be really nice of you don't have to worry about that! Pray you guys make it through these last few days!

Katy said...

okay first off, i think it's hilarious that bailey's role in the show was "boss"!!! of course!! I know your days have got to be incredible draining - praying that these last VERY few days are precious for all of you. praying for health for your whole family - and stacey too - and that you can hang in there a few more days! can't believe the visa issue - but thankful you have plenty of time built in to your trip for it to get resolved!! looking forward to seeing you all VERY soon!!!

Alden and Dorian said...

BAiley lost her TWO front teeth in AFRICA!!!! How absolutely cool. What a story she can tell for years to come. So sorry to hear Stacey was so sick. LOVED that the kids put on a show! ARen't kids amazing....still being creative amidst all that is going on. :) Love to you all! And the countdown is AFTER tomorrow you LEAVE to come HOME. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leighann said...

Love that Bailey was the boss. :) Totally understand what you mean with you and Pat. Some chapters of life all you can do is stare at each other because the day is so draining. Hoping for some good time for the two of you and that your conversations will be better once you're home.... that this is not the new normal.

Kim said...

Continued prayers for all of you and for health and safety! And that maybe you and Pat can find a quiet moment together to even just sit and hold hands or go for a really quick walk. And I love the play that your kids did! So cute!!

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

A friend of a friend of a friend sent me your blog link...Maybe because they think you're as nutty as me, and the whole birds of a feather thing :)
After 5 biological children we adopted 6 others (a baby girl, then a sibling group of 5 brothers) and I have not had a normal day since.

I look forward to hearing more about your new adventure when you return home. I have a few posts about our adopted children, but mostly I just blog about life (...when I blog at all.)

Tracey said...

Alan wants to know if the tooth fairy is bringing foreign currency :)

Judy said...

I cannot stop laughing.....Bailey = boss!!! Too funny!