Friday, July 1, 2011

days 8 and 9 in ethiopia (days 17 and 18)

day 8 - wednesday, june 29

our mornings at the guest house go pretty much the same - everyone takes showers, we eat breakfast and pack our backpacks for whatever we are doing later that morning

on wed morning, we asked to be driven to a playground we had seen when we were driving around. you have to pay to get in. it was worth it. it was SO wonderful! we were there a little over an hour.
i wore levi on my back and hannah and i speedwalked around the park (a BIG hill) for about 45 minutes.
it was amazing to watch lincoln - when we first got there he didn't know how to play.
by the time we left, he was having a blast.
it's amazing to watch him learn "normal" things - like using a fork, wiping his hands after he eats

ate lunch with the group

and spend the rest of the day/evening at the guest house.

pat and evan went and played basketball with one of the guys that helps us here and some of his studens (he's a youth pastor)
that was SO fun for him

day 9 - thursday, june 30

pat and i did jillian on rooftop before breakfast

midmorning our packets arrived with the boys passports/visa's - the RIGHT visa's!!!!! hip hip hooray!!!!

i started packing - which felt SO good

we went out to lunch and then were at the guest house for the afternoon/evening

as i put levi in his crib, and kissed the others goodnight, it was amazing to realize that the NEXT time i put them to bed we will be HOME!!!!! (sleeping tomorrow night on the plane doesn't count :-))

after we put the kids to bed, we hang out in the common area of the main floor of the guest house - it is so amazing to sit there with hannah and evan and stacey - such favor from Him to give us them at the end of our day!

our last night in've almost made it!

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