Monday, June 27, 2011

Ethiopia day6 (day 15)

I was up all night in the bathroom. No fun...

It continued all day...hoping I can sleep tonight and wake up well tomorrow

Spent the morning just playing outside of the guest house with bubbles and a soccer ball

My spirit was much lighter today...thanks to His love and
encouragement pouring through all of you!

Lincoln was taken to a clinic to get his tb test read and it was negative - HUGE praise!!!
We were soon told that we were given an embassy appt for tomorrow (tues) afternoon - this means that we are going to be totally set to leave on Friday with NO stress!!! Amazing!

Went to lunch with a few families - it's so fun to be with other families!
Ended very awkwardly with a temper tantrum...many of the families here are just here for their court day and don't have kids with them, so we feel like the circus that everyone is watching.

It rains here every afternoon - like, POURS.

Levi seemed to turn a corner today...was much more content and less fussy.

Spent the afternoon/ evening at the guest house hanging out and ate dinner and after we got the kids to bed we enjoyed some great time with friends in the common area before, hopefully, heading to bed for
a great nights rest!!!

1 more day closer to home!!!



beckley said...

I'm concerned about your arms crossed in that picture. Praying for you.

Court, on my run last night I pounded the pavement and calling out to God on your behalf. I prayed for each Cassada by first and last name, over and over again, as I do for families I am alongside through battles. I prayed you'd have brokenness fended off from each one of you as you work with resurrection on your hands.

It is difficult work I do not understand as I have not experienced it. I won't pretend to understand. But I will pray. And I will continue with the confidence that you are in fact made for this, and you will move forward with the beautiful imperfection that indicates you are a person after God's heart and mission in this world.

You can do this.
You were made for it.


Catherine Kuntze said...

Hi Cassada Family-

Just want you to know I'm thinking about all of you. I'm praying that all goes well at the Embassy and that you find simple and quiet peace in your last days in Ethiopia. Before you know it you'll be on the flight home!
I look forward to catching up with you and sharing stories.
Take care-


Momastery said...


I haven't written yet, although I've been reading and praying for you each and every day. Praying for me really just means thinking about your sweet face and saying, help, help, help her please. thank you, thank you, thank you for her.

In Irresistible Revolution, Shane Claiborne, who lives as close to Jesus' way as anybody else I've known or read, quoted Dorothy Day as saying, "Don't call us saints. We don't want to be dismissed that easily."

That's what I hear you saying in your last post. That you are not a saint, you are a plain old person trying to do unimaginably difficult things. And you are doing it humbly, and honestly, and there is just no way that I can express to you in words how much your honesty on this blog means to me. Your honesty about how brutiful this experience is, IS heroic to me.

I've been imagining how it's going. I've been trying to read through your words and read your face in those pictures and I'm just imagining. I doubt there are many people on Earth who have done scarier things than you're doing right now. And I think that whatever thoughts you're having are okay. I think you should be very very gentle with yourself right now. Even when you think, I HAVE RUINED ALL OF OUR LIVES. That's okay. Hell, I thought that everyday for a YEAR after I had Amanda, and that was a WEE bit simpler than this transition.

It is going to be okay, Courtney. One day soon, it is going to be better than okay. Your children, those four you had before Levi and Lincoln arrived on the scene are seeing their parents do heroic things, Courtney. Following their Savior. Putting their freaking money and hearts and families in Jesus' hands. You can do no better by them than what you've done, Courtney. Even if it's messy. Even if there's tears and terror and regret and more terror and anger along the way. Even so.

Remember Mother Teresa? Remember when her journals were released and we read about the anguish and doubt and faithlessness and terror she lived with privately every day as she served and served. She would say to us I AM NOT A SAINT. Don't dismiss me. I am one of YOU. I am not extra-ordinary. I am an ordinary person, trying to do extra-ordinary things, with God's help.
I just don't know any other definition of hero, Courtney.

You be gentle with yourself. It is NOT how many times you fall (apart) but how many times you get back up.
You keep getting back up till you get home and we can help hold you.

Love and Peace My Friend.

Megan said...

I praise that you are feeling comforted for a day. I love Levi's eyes. They are beautiful!

Leighann said...

Bridget and I are sitting on the couch in her family room remarking how you are way more stylish in Africa than we are in America. You have a necklace for every outift!! We are here with athletic socks and our husband's sweatshirts. :)
Can't wait to see you and the kids! We love you. (and yes, I know this has nothing to do with your posts - of which i've cried through every one of... )

Stephanie said...

I'm a friend of Laurie Harmer and she had posted your blog on Facebook a few weeks ago. I am a huge blog reader, so I had to take a look!

I have been so touched by your family's story.

A good friend of mine comes from a Christian family that adopted 4 siblings when he was a kid. He is one of a number of siblings born to their parents. When he was young they adopted the others. Their story is one of God's amazing grace and provision. My friend and his siblings are all grown up now and its really a blessing to hear their story.

His Mom also keeps a blog. This post touches on some of the ways God provided for them during tough times:

There are more posts on adoption further back in the blog as well. I am sure you will hear from many people offering encouragement, so feel free to take her blog with a grain of salt; nobody's experiences are the same.
But I do hope that reading about another who has "been there" would be a help.

Thanks for sharing your story. I will say a prayer for a smooth transition back to the states for you all.

- Stephanie

Kelly said...

Oh my, I am choked up again. The picture of you (Courtney) and Levi smiling at each other is priceless!!! Wow. I can't wait to SEE you and HUG you.