Monday, June 20, 2011

rwanda, day #6

rebekah and hannah both got sick in the night - so now we know that it's a virus and not the food. thankfully, it was a fast-moving bug and they were both fine by the end of the day. thankful that it was the weekend and a little more low-key.
we left hannah at the hotel to rest and the the rest of us went to the local market. SO fun! bought some fun stuff. let the kids each pick 1 thing. i would say that it wasn't pat's favorite part. but, he endured it fine.
then we went to the orphanage to get Lincoln and Levi for GOOD!!! we were told that we could keep them from now on - we just need to bring the last piece of paperwork to them when we get it! SO exciting! it was emotional walking them out of there for the last time. more than i was expecting.
went back to the hotel, gave them baths and ALL 5 kids slept for 2 hours! whoo-hoo!!!
hannah, rebekah, bailey, levi and i went back to the market later that afternoon so she (hannah) could do a little bit of shopping. while we were driving there we saw some weddings - at least 5! happening at the same time in the middle of a traffic circle.
then we went to a restaurant - Zen (thai food) that was excellent, but a little too fancy/expensive for our crew (plus 2 that were still recovering from being sick) AND having lincoln and levi at meals is a new (hard) thing!
glad to head back to the hotel for the night...a little anxious about how the night was going to go. but, all the kids were in bed by 8:30 pm. not bad!



Family of Five said...

Yay for getting the boys for GOOD now! I'm glad everyone is recovering from that illness quickly - yuck!

Oh, and that restaurant is BEAUTIFUL! My goodness! Love it!

Totally loving all the updates and pictures, too. Still praying for your family and that the last bit of paperwork goes through smoothly.

Judy said...

Gotta tell ya, I wasn't expecting Rawanda to be so beautiful! It's gorgeous. And the restaurant and hotel look really nice. I guess that's not totally what I picture when I think of Africa!
I'm glad the stomach virus seems to be over. Praying for you guys!!

Love all the updates :)