Sunday, June 19, 2011

rwanda, day #5

Started day #5 bright and early with bailey throwing up. J
Good morning!

We weren’t getting picked up until 9 am today, and thought we’d have such a nice, relaxing morning together…oh, well.

Hannah and I went for a short run. Thought we were going to die?? That was frustrating.

Everyone got ready, and we left Hannah and bailey at the hotel while the rest of us went to pick Lincoln and levi up for the day.

We went to the ministry to see if our last document was ready. It wasn’t. the man that needs to sign it was sick…might be back in the afternoon?? It ended up being a neat time for Joshua and Lincoln to bond a bit, and rebekah LOVES helping with levi! Lincoln and pat still have QUITE the thing going on!

It was a hard morning for me…already having sawyer so far away…and having to leave behind sick bailey. It was just about too much. There were tears before we left to pick up Lincoln and levi – just overwhelmed with it all. But, I pulled myself together. And read the verses I had put in my backpack pocket most of the drive there – just for moments like this. HIS peace passes all understanding.

After we left the ministry (we were there quite awhile…) we called Hannah to see how bailey was. We decided to pick them up and went to lunch with Peter. Then went back to the hotel for a few minutes before we were picked back up to head back to the ministry to, HOPEFULLY get our "to whom" letter.
nope. he never made it in to sign it. so, we left pretty discouraged, but trusting that HE has in in control.
went to a photo shop to get the kids pictures taken for their visa's. then took them back to the orphanage.
peter took us by a market to browse. we will buy tomorrow. FUN stuff!!
then we went to dinner at a GREAT place! all the restaurants (well, all the ones we've been to) have AMAZING views of the sights of rwanda! it's beautiful!
"home" and to bed for a tired family....hard to believe it's only day #5!!! definitely aching for home for many reasons. but trying to enjoy and take all of this in as much as i can!
(AND, as i was typing this, the mystery is solved on whether what bailey had was a virus or the food?? it's a virus. rebekah just started....and she makes a MESS the first time. yuck!)



Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Courtney, your pictures are amazing, praying that Rebekah heals quickly and that NOBODY else gets sick and of course your letter to come ASAP.

Katy said...

anxious to hear if hannah and rebekah are done with their virus too - maybe it's just a quick 24 hour thing? and praying that letter came through this weekend!!! you still planning to leave on weds for ethiopia right? LOVe that lincoln has his matchbox car right at his face during his nap:)!!!

jenn said...

all i can say is, "thank you, al gore {HAHAHA!} for inventing the internet!" :)

and thank YOU, courtney, for doing such an awesome job of sharing all of this with us! love all the pictures, updates, and knowing exactly what to pray for!!

love you guys - and a BIG "happy father's day" wish to pat!!


Alden and Dorian said...

Yes, Katy, Rebekah and Hannah are good now! Nobody as of yet with it now.....:)

Courtney, I just LOVE seeing the city AND the road to the orphange. WOW. The city is big and civilized ~ fountains and green landscaping. Pretty. LOVED so much the kids touching the Rwandan people's hands!!!! LOVED the look on Bailey's face (great interest and taking it all in) and Rebekah's smile and interest. They ARE being changed! What a gift you have given them to be there. Dad LOVED the cherry picker ~ WOW! LOved the pics of the boys sleeping AND the ministry office where you spend SO much time. Oh it is good to SEE into your life there. Thank you for keeping us updated. It is GREAT.