Saturday, June 18, 2011

real time - saturday morning, june 18

this is a "real time" post. i can post words, just not pictures, so i'm emailing ali who is kindly posting for me. but, it takes forever to load pictures, so those are a couple days behind (ex. day #3 was wednesday, now it's saturday)

we did not get our "to whom" letter yesterday. so we didn't keep the boys last night. we had to take them back. but, we've since heard that we CAN keep them tonight...and from now on! and we PRAY we get our "to whom" letter on monday. we HAVE to have it then to finish on time to leave for ethiopia on wednesday.

and, please keep praying. rebekah was sick last night. and hannah this morning. and we're DEFINITELY adding 2 more little ones to the mix today for good.

thank you!!! we are good. just holding tightly to HIM and each other.
{and if i mention/think about sawyer tears immediately stream down my face. for some reason, i thought it might get easier as time went on....not so much.}


Debbie said...

Still praying for you, Courtney :) Every last detail of this providential journey has already been written by HIM. Everything WILL fall into place on time. Keep doing what your doing and holding fast to His promise of faithfulness. Today, I really feel led to pray that you and Pat don't get sick. Keep the updates coming, sweet friend.

Katie said...

I think and pray for your family every day! Thank you for allowing us to come along in this journey! Praying the girls recover quickly and no one else gets sick. Praying you get the letter on time and praying for an easy transition as the boys come home permanently!

Katy said...

Praying for all of you. So glad you get to keep them overnight now! Praying for health and continued peace. And maybe a smile from levi!

Tammy said...

thank you for this post. will for sure be praying for everything and everyone. huge and exciting changes ahead. love you!! enjoy your night!! how fun