Friday, June 17, 2011

rwanda, day #3

i left day #2 on a good note, we LOVE rwanda, everyone was doing so well...things were GREAT!

that night, neither pat or i slept at ALL. it was awful!
i don't know if it was jet lag or the fact that neither of the sound machines we brought would work in our power converters (WHY do different countries have different power stuff?? it just adds SO much unnecessary frustration!)

pat and i got up early on day #3 (wednesday, june 15) to go to court. hannah stayed at the hotel with rebekah, joshua and bailey.
after we went to court (court was held in an office - not like we think of "court" in the US. .and we were told to come back at 4 pm for the ruling) we went back to the hotel to pick up hannah and r, j and b.
then we went to the orphanage to visit Lincoln and Levi - and they told us we could TAKE them for the day!!! we were surprised and thrilled.
i love the picture of bailey waiting at the top of the steps for them to come up.
i have been blown away with the acceptance and love from rebekah, joshua and bailey for their new brothers - it's just been amazing to watch it in the little and big things they do and say.
as we were about to leave, a friend (natalie) that i've only known by email pulled up - with a FAN for us to use so we could sleep!!
what an immediate answer to prayer!

we left the orphanage - with 5 kids! and went to lunch at Africa Bite - it has more authentic "african" food than the first place we went.
natalie joined us for lunch - what a blessing she was!

after lunch, we went back to the hotel and enjoyed spending the afternoon with lincoln and levi.
we gave lincoln a bath. levi slept most of the time - that seemed to be how he coped with it all - to sleep - which was fine by us!
pat went back to court with peter at 4 to get our ruling - and we PASSED!!!!
we took lincoln and levi back to the orphanage and then just hung out at the hotel.
each day here seems like about 3 days. we are SO tired by like 7 pm!


Katy said...

blue must have been the family color of the day!!! So thankful for your friend Natalie - what a blessing for her to bring you a FAN! I remember when Beth's sister in law moved to Germany, they were SO annoyed about the power adapter/plug situation too. it's so strange to me. Lincoln and Levi look like they are fitting right in to me! :) Complete with lollipops and soccer balls and matchbox cars in hand!!!Is Lincoln's chain around his neck like your necklace with the names??

Katy said...

how was the food at the "african bite" place? So many things I'm so curious about!!! It's not surprising to me at ALL that you're all exhausted by 7 pm! :)

Courtney said...

ha! i always say that one day in africa feels like a week's worth of time! your boys are SO being able to keep up with your journey here.
still praying!

Michelle said...

Praising God, so precious, thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Renee said...

I don't think it's Africa, just anywhere where the jet lag is significant. The jet lag makes things so strange. In Korea we were up at 4am and exhausted by 3pm and feeling like it should be dark outside. Since you'll probably finally adjust to the jet lag before you come home it will feel the same way in the US for a little bit. The first week home felt like a month! Ugh, and I am totally addicted to sound machines too! I ruined one in Korea because I forgot to plug it in with the adapter. It's really the US that causes the problem because most other countries are on a different voltage. Hope Bailey is feeling better!