Saturday, June 18, 2011

for those waiting...

just a couple things:

*BUBBLES AND BALLOONS are the BEST toys we brought! for BOTH boys!

*for an older child - a small backpack is PERFECT! lincoln just LOVES his backpack. he only takes it off when he sleeps. (we didn't give it to him until he came to the hotel. when we were just visiting the orphanage, we just brought bubbles, the same 2 matchbox cars, and a soccer ball for our older kids to play with)

*bring LOTS of food (snacks). we did and we're so glad!

*the hotel in rwanda feels very clean  - they make your bed every day and give you clean towels. it's so nice after these long days!

*we brought everyone their own water bottle - like the camelback ones - each person's is a different color. we just fill them up each morning with water. it's been GREAT. and so easy to tell whose is whose.

*bring chocolate. even if it's melted and misshapen and smooshed, you'll still be glad you have it! :-)

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Catherine said...

Thank you, Courtney! We so appreciate this and hope we will need to put these tips to good use SOON! :) Lincoln and Levi are absolutely precious. Congrats!