Saturday, June 18, 2011

rwanda, day #4

pat and i got up even earlier this morning. but we actually SLEPT, which was nice!
we left hannah at the hotel with r, j and b again. and we went to pick up lincoln and levi and then went to the passport office to start the passport procees for them.
and then to the ministry to let them know we passed court and need the LAST piece of paper to be able to bring them HOME!
then we went back to the hotel.
enjoyed the rest of the morning and afternoon with all 5 kids!
gave lincoln and levi baths.
bailey and i put lotion all over lincoln together - he seemed to enjoy that!
levi wore a shirt that i made him for his 1st birthday!!!! happy birthday. levi!
we had happy birthday balloons - they were a big hit!
levi REALLY came alive today!!! it was so fun! the first couple days i wasn't even sure he could sit up. well, he can sit up, crawl, pull up and even walk a couple steps!!!
we packed up (QUITE the undertaking!) and walked to the other side of the hotel grounds to play on a little playground. we also sat there and ate our lunch (that we packed in our backpacks)
it was a fun little while.
most of us rested for a little bit and hannah and i went for a walk. i'll have to do a separate post on that :-)
we took the boys back to the orphanage.
we LOVE driving down the road to the orphanage while all the kids in the area are walking home from school - i'll do a separate post on that, too!
after that we went to dinner at Sole Luna - YUMMY pizza!!
bailey lost a tooth one night - it was either this night or the night before. how fun to say she lost a tooth in africa?!?
had a FRUSTRATING evening trying to upload pics/blog.
finally just went to bed. and slept great! thanks for your prayers!!!


Beckysblog said...

so how old is lincoln?

Alden and Dorian said...

Ohhhhhhhhh these pictures are AMAZING! Thank you for working SO hard to get them AND Ali for posting! We SOOO. love seeing this journey unfold. Precious beyond measure! We feel Luke we are right there!

Alden and Dorian said...

AND.....SO loved skyping with you.....having a sweet conversation together. Our hearts are so full of love and praise to God.

Debbie said...

Precious, precious pictures! Loved the one of Pat and Lincoln holding hands walking together. Now you just knew I was going to ask this question: Do they have Diet Coke with a fresh lemon wedge in Africa ? :))))))

beckley said...

mean, what little boy doesn't need orange keens is what i'm saying!


loving it.
praying health restores.
much love and many congrats.
you and pat look like beautiful parents =)

beckley said...

"I mean..."

i'll go finish my coffee now.

K said...

Happy Birthday Levi! Praying for you continually!!!

Judy said...

Lincoln and Levi are both such handsome boys!! I still can't look at their sweet faces without crying! I'm sure it's been great for them to have your big kids there to play with.
Thanks for putting so much effort into getting pictures posted!!!!!! I'm loving all your updates!!!

Praying for each one of you (Hannah too!) by name!

anthonyandbeth said...

Oh my word Courtney!! I am LOVING your updates! I'm so glad you are seeing a new side of Levi! I'm so curious if they know their names yet and respond to them??? They are the most adorable little guys! I love Lincoln's eyes and how he gives the cutest looks while being photographed! The book bag is ADORABLE!!! I bet he does LOVE it. Where did you find it? They look so cute dressed in the clothes YOU picked for them and I imagine it must be so fun to see playing with, wearing, enjoying these new special treats that you prepared for them. Will pray for everyone's tummies and GOOD sleep, a GREAT first night together as one big happy family and the LETTER to be ready Monday. God's timing is perfect and He will provide!!! Thank you to Alli for blogging!!!

Katie said...

I'm brought to tears even just thinking about God's mercy in FINALLY bringing you guys to this point! The boys are absolutely adorable.

Continuing to pray for health, peace, all the necessary documents you need, strength, rest, and trust in the Faithful Father who has gotten you this far and won't ever let you go.

Tammy said...

how fun that you could be there for his first birthday!! loving the pics and the updates. so so happy for you!! can't wait to meet them.

Amy said...

I love seeing all these pictures! So, so much!!

Courtney said...

Happy birthday Levi! How wonderful you were able to celebrate with him!

Thank you for sharing these moments with us, it's amazing to see God's love and work play out!

Prayers for some sleep and wonderful days ahead!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Levi, how fun for all of you, and I too, am glad to hear that the boys are coming out of their shells a bit as they get used to this. Jamie & Mandi (my bro and SIL) had the same experience with their lil' guy last summer. AND, my nephew Zeke lost a tooth in Africa TOO! How funny!

Praying for healing for all of you as well!


Kim said...

i can't believe the pictures can't wait.... to see them.. love the birthday...
love you all hope you are feeling better.....Hugs

Katy said...

it is SO special that God arranged these days just exactly the way He did - that little Levi would get to be with his new family just in time for his first birthday!!! Love seeing him in the shirt you made for him and their sweet little faces...just love them! (oh - and of course lincoln loved getting all lotioned up! i bet he thought it was hilarious!)

Megan said...

Love you so much...that is about all the words I can come up with, as I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of this journey for your family. Am praying for the girls sick and that it will run its course fast and leave you all well. these boys are so precious. so are you. LOVE.

Courtney said...

I am hooked on your adventure! Those boys are simply beautiful - what an amazing God we have! Praying for your safe return.