Friday, June 24, 2011

Ethiopia day 3 (day 12)

(Friday, June 24)
Great nights rest for everyone
The breakfast is great here
There is a playroom on the top floor of our guest house
We went up there, pat sat and observed, I brought the DVD player up there and did Jillian Michaels while the kids all played
It was hysterical
And possibly the best 24 minutes of the day for me

Mid morning we got Lincoln's TB test done
It will be read on Monday
Pray it is negative
Then we went to lunch and were done for the day!
Still so weird for us to have so much downtime
Everyone is getting a bit sick of each other
Ate pizza at the guesthouse-it was yummy!

Lincoln learned how to whisper today-this was HUGE!!!!
They both have the best smiles

Joshua's fever is GONE!!!! Praise God!!!

Tomorrow we are driving 2 hours outside of addis to see something
We don't really care what it is...we are just glad to go somewhere out of here!

Skyped sawyer a little bit good to see him but SO painful for my heart
Exactly 1 week from now we will be on the plane headed HOME!!!!!


Schulz Sightings said...

you are hilarious to do Jilian in Ethiopia!! My girls would be so jealous :)
Enjoy the downtime. Almost there!!

Katy said...

you crazy nuts friend of mine - doing your hard core aerobics tapes while halfway across the world. was it the 30 day shred one? that's hilarious. i'm glad for the down time for you guys to rest and just BE with each other...although i'm sure that brings its own challenges as well with everyone getting on each other's nerves. how cute about lincoln learning to whisper! sweet boy has probably lived his whole life in a LOUD place with LOTS of kids - he had to be loud to be heard i'm sure. a family of 8 is going to seem small and quiet for him!! how are the boys with food? normal eaters? is levi on a schedule with naps - 2 naps a day still at this point or just one?

Christy said...

courtney, what an adventure you'll never forget---I LOVE hearing about it!! :)

Katy said...

loved seeing the pictures today - of levi SMILING So big! and of you giving a "mom" look to lincoln already at the dinner table! hilarious! :)

Megan said...

Loved these photos. The ones of Pat playing soccer, of Levi in his "St. Pats" shirt, of all of you on the couch. And somehow I get the feeling that the photo of you trying to get Lincoln to sit in his chair while in a restaurant was not the first time that has happened...Love you lady. Just think of the joy these little boys are bringing!