Friday, June 24, 2011

ethiopia, day #2 (day 11)

(thursday, june 23)
everyone slept until about 7:15 am!!!
went down to the lobby of the guest house to see 3 other American families!
it was so WEIRD to see people speaking English :-)
we almost didn't know how to interact!
in rwanda, it was JUST our family!

i didn't feel right most of the day.

at 9 am we headed out for the boys' medical appointments.
they were pretty basic.

after we finished, we ate lunch at Lucy
then went back to the hotel for the rest of the day

everyone napped except me...i wanted to make sure i slept that night
we hung out for the rest of the afternoon/evening.
it felt weird to have TIME without appointments/etc.
we had a dance party in our room - LOTS of laughing - that was so fun!

dinner was cliff bars eaten down in the lobby
and then we let the kids watch a movie on the dvd player and eat a tootsie roll
they all were in bed by 9 pm

seems like ethiopia is going to be a bit calmer for us than rwanda
was. we do miss their clean streets, though!

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Kim said...

so fun looks like having fun.
glad all went well. can't wait to see them whem come home, i well not be able to come day get there i have to work and can't get off vacations and all. plus holiday weeekend.. see you soon aunt kim