Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ethiopia day 4 (day 13)

Lincoln woke up in the middle of the night screaming in, what a way to be woken up! He heard some dogs barking and was scared...but quickly calmed down and went back to sleep

Pat, Hannah and I did Jillian ( ripped in 30) on the roof while the kids played in the playroom - it's just good to do something normal
Hannah and I keep talking about how we're in "stupid mode" on this trip
Stupid mode starts on the flight...we brought books to read and stuff...but you just get to a point where you just stare and have no coherent thoughts...and it's just kind of continued off and on the whole trip...we are just surviving and it's getting kind of old...anxious to be home and feel normal again

Anyways, back to today
After we exercised we gave all the kids showers - that's a fun ordeal :-)
Then ate breakfast
As we were waiting for our driver to arrive...a family that we know through our friends, the fogarty's, arrived! They are here to bring their 2 boys home. We loved meeting them in person...and they are
staying in the room next to us! So fun!!!
Then we went on our excursion!
It took 2 hours to get was so neat to see outside of addis
We went to a gorge and it was pretty...but we were mostly just glad to be somewhere else
We ate our lunch overlooking the gorge and then headed back

It was a rough afternoon/evening...everyone was tired

But all went to bed easily and we are headed there soon!!!


Amy said...

Levi's eyes get me every time! And that hand?! He already fits in with your family! :)

Katy said...

jacob said "no fair! they don't have to ride in car seats in africa!" after seeing rebekah holding levi in the van! :)

Michelle said...

Your almost home, only a few more days, praying for your return. Love, love, love the hand picture and Levi's little face as he is sitting with Rebekah.

Momastery said...

I can feel how brutiful this experience is for you through your every word. Your honesty and faith is such a blessing to me. I can only imagine, but I'm praying every morning and every night for you, girl.
Love you.


Renee said...

I have that exact same Ergo...color and all! I still use it with Sora ALL.OF.THE.TIME! Thanks for sharing more pics. :-)