Monday, June 20, 2011


to your questions...let me know if i forgot any!

*lincoln will be 4 in july!
*i got his backpack on amazon. pretty much got everything on amazon. and it was a VERY last minute buy - so glad i got it!
*they do NOT have diet coke here. much less with lime/lemon! i'm DYING! they have coke zero. it works when i'm desperate. can't WAIT for a cold one from chick fil a! :-)
*they speak kinyarwandan here. it's VERY difficult. we are trying to learn some basic things to communicate with lincoln.
*yes, it's BEAUTIFUL here! lots of amazing landscaping. you almost think you're in hawaii or something (i've never been there...) until you look across the street. or next door. and see the water jugs. or tin roof on a "house"'s hard to imagine what it's like. but, the people work on keeping the streets clean/the curbs painted there are women literally sweeping the streets!


Debbie said...

I will be delivering a LARGE diet coke from chick-fll- a to you when you get home ;)

Amy said...

Someone please go by Chick-fil-a on the way to the airport! :)