Monday, June 20, 2011

rwanda, day #8

l and l slept until 5:45 am. i think lincoln would have slept longer...but levi isn't very quiet when he wakes up.
joshua still had a high fever when he woke up. we think he might have malaria. we don't know for sure. but, after talking to those that have dealt with it, we decided to get the treatment and start treating him. we also all had to be ready to be picked up to go to the office to wait for our last document by 7 am.
all 8 of us arrive at the office at 7:30 am. and the driver works on getting the medicine for joshua.
we waited in that office for 5 hours. it was a long wait. the kids handled it much better than pat and i. and hannah was a lifesaver.
we left at 12:15 with the document in our hands. hallelujah!!!
came back to the hotel for a little while. it felt like SUCH freedom after our morning!
spend a couple hours in the afternoon being shown/told about lincoln and levi's stories and then went to the orphanage to let them say goodbye. quite the afternoon.
i filled a small container with red dirt from right outside the blue doors at the have for them.
ate a delicious dinner - that i just have a couple random pictures that rebekah took. i wasn't really in a picture taking mood today.
joshua still had a fever when he went to bed. please pray he wakes up without one tomorrow.
today was the "big" day - the document we got. but we still have to get their passports and start the visa process tomorrow in order to head to ethiopia on wednesday. keep those prayers coming!!!! thank you!



Ali said...

You sure look pretty even with all that crying :)

Ali said...

praying for Joshua! so glad you got the documents

Kim said...

i have a quick question that you probably answered in a previous post long ago so i am sorry if this is a duplicate... are lincoln and levi biological brothers? we are continuing to pray for health for all of you - especially for joshua now! and praying that the medicine works!!

Beckysblog said...

oh joshua. saying prayers for him and all of you!

Anonymous said...

Courtney, we have been praying so much for you all. Just to say, Matt has very reliable contacts in Kigali so please email if you by any chance need anything. (just reading that Joshua is sick....)
Jean and Matt.

Nicole said...

It is such a blessing for those of us waiting for referrals behind you to see your journey, the pictures, the stories, and the precious children! We are praying for you daily. May the Lord heal Joshua swiftly and completely! He does delight in the well-being of His servants!

Can you tell us where you are staying? Sounds like a lovely oasis for your family.

Judi said...

Have so enjoyed reading all the updates. We continue to pray and will add Joshua to our immediate prayer list. I can only imagine how much you miss Sawyer, praying that God will gently and graciously get you through this. What an amazing family you all are!!!! Can't wait to meet Levi & Lincoln.

jenn said...

praying BIG for joshua!!

and i LOVE your necklace!!


Katie said...

Continuing to pray for you and for each member of your family.

Katy said...

Cant even imagine a five hour wait like that with all the kids! Glad its behind you. Wow - said goodbye to the orphanage. How did Lincoln and Levi handle that. These have been some emotional days! And praying for sweet Joshua. Love you!

Alden and Dorian said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much on your plate...details, emotions, sickness, emotions, thinking, emotions, taking care of needs, emotions, praying, emotions. SO much. We are praying continually for each and every part of your day. I LOVE the picture of your family (missing one VERY important member). It is precious....and VERY real ~ that you will have 6 kids!!!! Precious family! AND...of course I LOVE the picture of my girls ~ you and Hannah AND Hannah on her b'day. Thanks for blogging....and including pictures. We love being a PART of your life....even through the miles! We love you!

Judy said...

Praying for Joshua tonight!!!

Megan said...

So thankful for all your updates...praying for Joshua!