Tuesday, October 26, 2010

taste of my own medicine

we've established that i LOVE words...
i love to read books.
i have words all OVER my house.
at night, when pat and i sit down together...it's mostly me talking and him listening and i've even told him before, "you don't have to REALLY listen the whole time. just pretend. i'll let you know when it's a part you REALLY need to listen to." :-)
i love words.

well, bailey is giving me a taste of my own medicine these days.
she is obsessed with letters.
which turn into words.
she carries a piece of paper and pencil with her everywhere.
constantly asking me how to spell,
"broken down car"
"trick or treat"
"i can't wait to go to school"
it's painful.
but i don't want to discourage it!

she also is LOVING the little poems they memorize at school.
and has me repeat them...line for line...after her all day long.
i heard "5 little pumpkins" in my sleep last night.

and my head is POUNDING from all the letters and words today.
maybe i will give pat a little break tonight...he's quite the sport to put up with this night after night ;-)


Beckysblog said...

oh my gosh. that is sullivan.
And its terrible but I swear somedays I think, 'If I have to spell ONE MORE WORD I am going to lose it completely!'

Someday we will really miss that. I just know it! :)

beckley said...

me, toooooooooo.

i was battling the scream that wanted to come out this morning.

"Tomorrow Parade"
we have to spell everything all the time.

and it's kinda cute.
but, i know. it's a LOT!

Amy said...

5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate.
The first one said, "Oh my, it's getting late!"
Love that little poem.
We're doing it in my class right now! :)

Tammy said...

too funny! also i never thought of you as a talker. interesting.

Katy said...

aren't they hilarious with these little spells they go through? jacob was just saying 5 little pumpkins today too! i guess bailey takes after her mama! :) joshua was obsessed about time...i wonder what sawyer's will be! :)