Monday, October 25, 2010

it was a great weekend

very few words today...but i'll walk you through them...

that's the word for rebekah's soccer games.
and my heart is in my throat the WHOLE time she's in that goal.
she's amazing at it.
but i've never been so thankful to hear a whistle blow!
{and her sprint to make a beeline to my hug because she was so upset that she let some goals through melted my heart. THAT'S my job...and i LOVE it...talking her through that...}

for joshua - soccer is FUN!
and for bailey, it's just a party!
telling dad about his soccer game when dad got back from his football game...
and he's a PRO at smiling real cute at whatever mom is handing out the drink and snack at the end of the game...
more on THIS later...but, cute, huh??

sunday afternoon football and soccer games up at the school...ended up with a few extra kids :-)
the younger 2 quickly migrated to the playground...

she is a brave little thing...
perfect end to the weekend:
we don't have a firepit like the rest of the
he nailed his head on the corner of the table right after dinner...OUCH! no stitches this time, though...phew!
i like how his head isn't turned all the he's trying not to look...


jenn said... i want a smore. thanks a LOT!

Tammy said...

WOW! those were some AMAZING photos. i love how you captured each kids expression about soccer and the family photos at the end - totally frame worthy. glad you had a good weekend.

The South African Kiwis said...

Nice blog.