Wednesday, October 13, 2010


first of all, THANK YOU for your suggestions and encouragement! i've tried them all! the warm water DID work alison! 

we ARE making progress.
sorry about that last post.
i'm so dramatic, huh?
good grief!

today continued to be very frustrating.
BUT we made some progress.
sawyer peed in the potty once this morning.
pooped in the potty after lunch (!)
had 2 accidents in the morning.
after his nap, he held it til 7:30!
and FINALLY peed on the toilet.
ALL 5 of us were there cheering for him (pat had just gotten home and i think was wishing he hadn't :-))

i still don't think he "gets" it. and that's SO frustrating to me!
the other 3 all "got it" by the end of the first day.
but, i'm 2 days in.
we had more success and less failure today than yesterday.
i'm not turning back now.

tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day.
not sure if that's going to be better or worse.
it's been nice to have the older kids play outside in the afternoon while i'm tending to sawyer inside.

i did eat the second ice cream sandwich :-)
i still haven't eaten 1 gummy bear (it's a challenge now...)
i did drive through McD's and get a LARGE diet coke after i got bailey on the bus today.
oh, did it taste GOOD!

after sawyer's success tonight, i got him to bed and left.
i had no idea where i was going.
i just had to get OUT.
i listened to a song that i hadn't heard in a few months.
and it ripped my heart open for my boys in Rwanda.
praying out loud to the Father that can hold them until we can.

and kind of laughing at the irony of me driving away as fast as i could from the 4 children i CAN hold and at the same time aching to hold the 2 boys i can't.

yet so true.
and all those feelings are so REAL.
what a ride.
what a ride.


Alden and Dorian said...

Hip Hip Horray for success!!!!! Hang in there mom ~ remember....motherhood is not for sissies (sp!) is it???!!!! You are both doing GOOD. It will be worth it. Love you tons....I remember....

Megan said...

Progress on day two is still progress indeed! Way to go Sawyer! And believe me, I know how frustrating it is when you don't feel like they "get" it. Garrett was totally that the point I almost gave up on it with him for a while. But now it is pretty much done. Other than the occasional going in his diaper at naptime, I pray the big accidents are behind us. And you are only two days hang in there!