Thursday, October 14, 2010

i will talk about something other than potty training

bailey is LOVING to write letters and numbers.
all morning long she asks me how to spell her friends' names and any other words she can think of.
she draws pictures to go with her "stories" and staples the papers together into books.
it's so cute.
i LOVE to watch her learn!
she has been SUCH a blessing to me this week.
it's not been super sitting in the bathroom with sawyer day after day.
but she is always full of joy...smiles and a great attitude.
{and she HAS been very ready to hop on that bus! i don't blame her!}
i love her.
this potty-training week has been hard.
sawyer has been the hardest one by far.
but, i've had the ability at moments...or maybe it's grace? to relish in the blessings...
*the days at home...we CAN'T go anywhere...i don't allow for that very often and it's been nice. nice to get on the floor and play with them. watch them interact. i LOVE these ages (5 and 2).
*the HOURS spent totally focused on sawyer. has that ever happened in his life before? i NEVER get tired of kissing his soft skin...and looking in his gorgeous eyes...and smiling at his brilliant smile.
reading a book right now and loved this line...talking about focusing on gratitude and TRUTH...

"When we keep claiming the light, we will find ourselves becoming more and more radiant."
Henri Nouwen
i've let the "light" go out at times this week.
believing the lie that i'm in a place where "nothing" is happening. that i'm "wasting" time.
SO not true. such a LIE!
in addition to potty-training my last baby...i am also spending hours that i will never get back with him and bailey.
they are watching me...and how i handle the "mundane".
isn't most of life the mundane?
my desire is to point them to Christ in each moment of each day...even if it's during potty-training.
i'm not perfect at it. but that's ok.
HE is. and He will shine through me and cover the times when i fail.

{how cute is that bum?? :-)}
{today has been a roller coaster with the potty training. i think we've turned a corner and he is actually getting it to a we are playing more and it's taking him a LOT shorter to actually GO pee in the potty. but, since we are playing more, we've also had more accidents. hard to tell how much progress is happening...but we're plugging on. we DID go to the grocery store AND target accident-free! they were quick trips. we were there and back in 1 hour. but still...good, right? oh, and one more note that i forgot from the other times: potty-training makes a kid EXHAUSTED! he's taken the BEST naps and gone to sleep so quickly! poor guy...but a silver lining for mom in the whole thing :-)}


Kim said...

he IS getting it and you are doing awesome in finding joy in the mundane! i was the same way with karley - frustrated but then focused on the joy of getting to sit with JUST her! and if it helps you at all - karley only tells me when she has to poop. she just holds her pee but doesn't tell me when she has to go. so as long as i take her to the bathroom on regular intervals, she is fine. but if i let her go too long - then she has an accident. but she is completely dry for naps and nighttime. so i can't completely figure her out. crazy kids - they keep us guessing.

Mandy said...

good job, great perspective. thanks :)

anthonyandbeth said...

Funny that we started at the same time :) hope it's going well and y'all are having a great weekend.