Thursday, October 7, 2010

oh yes we are!

guess what?!?
we're going CAMPING tomorrow!
as soon as the kids get home from school.
oh, YES, we are!
we are sleeping in tents...
for the WEEKEND!
and we're supposed to wash our bodies and brush our teeth "in the crick"
{we're not even going to a REAL campground...just some land on a creek!}

but we're also grilling burgers and eating smores and going i'm trying to focus on that stuff  :-)
we're going with 3 other families...13 kids total...ages 11 to 5 months old
i've only camped ONCE in my life...and that was in like jr high or something.
i remember hating it.
but i'm actually excited.
{shhh..don't tell them...i've been dreading it til a couple days ago...and didn't hide that fact...}
i spent the morning buying the food for all 4 families.
i need to start packing...i am just realizing there's a LOT to pack...yikes!
the weather is supposed to be AWESOME...40's at night...78 during the day with bright sunshine!
i need this.
WE need this.
some time away..some time together...the way we like it...OUTSIDE...playing...laughing...
{i know...i got more hair dye at walmart today...i'll fix my hair sooner...or later... :-)}
gotta go...
homework and packing and playing outside and dinner and baths and meeting tonight {does anyone else feel the pressure to clean up for babysitters?? i mean, i don't want them to see my house a disaster! what would they think?!?}

{all photo's taken by joshua}


Tisha said...

Those pictures are spectacular!! Love it. Have fun camping! Not being in a real campsite is much nicer.

Leah said...

You are a brave woman. I don't think I'll ever go camping again (but as soon as I say "never" the Lord puts it in my life plan). Can't wait to hear how it goes!

jenn said...

what a photographer! :)

wow - have a fun weekend!! can't wait to see all the pics :) i'll just take your word for it - no camping for me!! no way!! ;)


veronica said...

The second to last picture is the best!

Holly said...

awesome pictures!

we're camping next weekend, anxious to see how your trip goes!

Alden and Dorian said...

WOW ~ GREAT job Joshua and I LOVE love love the laughter!!!!!! And....of course love the shirts. Amazing.....and happy camping!!!!!

Peyton said...

it is just like you to volunteer to buy all the groceries for the weekend when you are so stressed! sounds fun, and it is going to be the perfect weekend weather wise!

Ali said...

love seeing your smile. definitely brave! can't wait to hear all about it.

Jenny said...

These pictures are ABSOLUTELY adorable!!! I love them. Oh I hope your camping trip is WONDERFUL and full of great memories!

Janet said...

Aw, such beautiful pictures - love 'em! There's just something about camping that brings one closer to nature and Him. I hope you have a wonderful time and will want to camp again. :)

The Young Family said...

Y'all are so cute in these pics! Wanted to let cha know. My shirt on my blog in those pics today--it's a slim fit medium. I couldn't go ANY smaller!

Leighann said...

We hope you had a wonderful time. Can´t wait to see the pics.
(bridget and leighann)

beckley said...

LOVE it.

so fun =)

hope it was "fun".
i think i would feel the same way =)

been crazy around here- been reading and writing comments in my head as my eyes are bleeding late at night. much love-

Megan said...

I LOVE the photos!