Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the best one

by far the worst afternoon/evening of the school year so far.
i don't know WHAT to do...
rebekah and i were both in tears by the time pat walked in the door.
it was ugly.
i am not fit to do this.
can i just take them out of school?? forever??

we did go for a walk halfway through the torture of homework/studying for tests
{it was a desperate attempt to keep everyone alive and not killing each other}
i got some good pictures.
but this one was the best...BY FAR!

i'll share more of the "good" ones tomorrow.
but this one was the most true.
{yes, i made their shirts. i love them.}


Katy said...

sorry to be totally laughing over here - but that is the BEST picture!!! this is why i love blogging - because at least while i'm in my own little h--- over here with my 3 year old, i know that i'm not the ONLY mom on the planet that feels like they are about to lose it!!! deep breaths. i LOVE their shirts - totally adorable. the weekend is coming friend!

Tisha said...

OH, MY. That picture is classic!!
Yes, you can take them out of school! Forever. It's awesome. ;-)

Holly said...

that picture is epic.


and I'm with Tisha on the school ;-)

Janet said...

OMG; that IS a snapshot of real life!! lol; we all have days like that and its great you've captured it in photos. Back to school and dealing with homework is unreal; I feel the pain :) Hope today is better!

jenn said...

love the photo. i'm sorry you had such a rough afternoon...i guess there must be something in the air this week - it seems like everyone is struggling lately! ps - love the shirts! halloween shirts are on my to-do list...i hope i can do them and check them off by the 31st - it might be close!

Megan said...

Sorry it was such a rough day...but some day long into the future you are going to treasure that photo and the fact that you blogged about a "real" day in the life. Do you mean that parenting doesn't get easier as the kids get older?!? ;-)

Oh! I also love the pumpkin shirts! Too cute! Do you buy all their clothes in solid colors now just so you can have the fun of embellishing?

Kim said...

So fun you have a good weekend and have a great time relax..