Monday, October 11, 2010

our camping trip - friday night

we had the car packed and ready to go when the kids got home from school on friday.
that was a goal of mine.
they normally ALWAYS have to be a part of my "AHH! packing/cleaning/crazy" self before we leave for a trip and i loved that they didn't see that and just got to come home and head out!

it was a gorgeous drive from NOVA out to the mountains where we camped.
our campsite was part of the land of the grandparent's of one of the families we were camping with {did you follow that?}

we made it there with daylight left and got right to setting up camp!
2 of the other families were already there.
joshua and pat setting the tent up.
there were 13 kids total.
they all know each other from playing together every other friday night when we have shepherd group.
but they had SO much fun this weekend.

the guys got a campfire started pretty quickly.
as soon as the sun started going down, it got CHILLY fast!
 how cute are they?
rebekah and noelle are sweet friends...

we had your "normal" smores...and we also brought reese's peanut butter cups to put on!!!
once we got the kids to bed, the adults sat by the fire for hours.
some more hours than others {a couple of the guys stayed out there til 3 am!}
i tried to sleep...but was VERY cold and didn't sleep well at all...but that's pretty much my ONLY complaint of the whole weekend!

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Amy said...

After making them with pb cups, it's hard for me to go back to "regular smores." :)