Wednesday, September 15, 2010

some great stuff

i have some GREAT stuff to share!
are you ready??
in order of importance (in case i lose you along the way...)

first of all, jody has a new opportunity for us.
these sweet kids that she was able to meet in the spring in sierra leone, africa need some vitamins.
and i'm not talking, "they could just use some vitamins to enhance their diet."
they NEED vitamins {GUMMY vitamins}.
it will sustain them and give them life.
when these kids come to this club once a week, they are given 1 egg and 1 vitamin.
for some of them {many of them} it is the ONLY protein they get in the week!
the staff are almost out of they need more. time you're at the store, would you pick up a bottle??
you can bring it to me.
or mail it to jody.
or, if you want to just send the money to jody and let her buy the vitamins, that's an option, too.
it's just silly for any of those kids to NOT have vitamins.
they've asked.
we will respond.
(by Sept 29!)

what a BLESSING it is to have the opportunity to care for them!

i KNOW i've posted about this book before.
but, with pat gone most nights the past 2 weeks and me barely able to hold it together to get the kids in bed with a smile still on my face...i've been struggling with how to end our day well.
the other night i grabbed this book and read it to them.
it's just SUCH a good book.
deep enough for rebekah yet simple enough for bailey to grasp some of it.
worth getting.

just finished this sweet book.
it was PERFECT timing.
a fiction book but not fluffy.
deep and thought-provoking.
not predictable. and totally appropriate.
i LOVED it.
and couldn't WAIT to get in bed each night and read some more!
it's the author's first book and i sure hope she has some more coming!

remember the blog book?

i have it {them - it wouldn't all fit into 1!}
i've had them for weeks...and i haven't touched them.
not once.

well...i did touch them to take these pictures.
but i haven't opened them and read through them at ALL.
i'll be glad i have them.
i know i will.
it was just such an awful ordeal...

i will never use blurb again.
i will be using blog2print from now on.
i just don't have the time or patience...

and last, but certainly not least, this game.
my parents gave it to her for her birthday.
we have played it countless times.
if you have a little girl that likes "princess-y" things, you need this.
it's cute.
short :-)
does have a number of pieces (jewelry!)
but bailey's face when we are playing it is just priceless!



Michelle said...

awesome will definintely send some money to Jody, thanks for the book recommendations, i have been looking for a book for myself, been reading a lot lately mostly fluff to counteract the heavy stuff of my devotions and the chaos of know but looking forward to reading it.

Katy said...

your books look AMAZING!!!! but you know how much i loved my MUCH easier books.....saved me so much time and heartache!!! we have the same princess game and callie LOVES it - makes everyone play it when they come over!! i sure wish bailey could come over and play it with callie! :)

Michelle said...

Your blog books look amazing, I know you'll love looking at them....down the road. ;)

Beckysblog said...

oh my. so getting that game for christmas for avery!

thank you!