Monday, September 6, 2010

**rewind - Bailey's 5th Birthday!

after we unpacked the car and got some laundry started and some groceries bought, we continued celebrating BAILEY!

she opened her gifts.

rebekah made another sweet card for her...and bought her some nail polish.
joshua also got a card for her.

she got the WHOLE Disney Princess collection :-)
she has carried them around ever since!
{we don't really have any Barbie's - none of them have clothes that "fit" them - but most of the princesses actually have appropriate clothes that cover their bodies!}

instead of a cake {i just couldn't do it} we went and got ice cream.

and played around the fountain...

it was a gorgeous night.

honestly, i was having a HARD time in my heart...but everyone else had a great night!

happy 5th birthday, bailey! we love you!


Jenn said...

i love all the blue mouths! :)

Katy said...

what a GREAT picture of you and the four kids - love it!!! and the picture of rebekah reading bailey's card to her - how perfect is that. LOVE the princess collection for bailey - i think they are going to stick very close to her for a while! :)