Monday, September 6, 2010

**rewind - friday/saturday/sunday - weekend at the BEACH!

we got settled back in...spread out all through the house :-)
every kid could have had their own room!
rebekah LOVED having her own room...that was cute.

watched a movie and had smores.

LOVED the one on one time tim and chari!
such a gift in the midst of it all!

headed to the beach the next morning...

went for a walk...

so this is what the sky looks like the day after a hurricane - crazy!

after a yummy dinner
we walked into town for some ice cream

chari and i
{we were PLANNING on taking family pictures and group pictures on friday...but that never happened...SAD! i don't have pictures of so MANY of us! ugh!}

this guy deserves a medal for putting up with me these last few days.

gorgeous sunset...

the next morning, chari and rebekah walked into town and got donuts for Bailey's birthday breakfast! so sweet!

this is hysterical!

we packed up and headed home...made GREAT time {only took 4 hours?!? what in the world??}

it was hard...but not as hard as it would have been 2 days earlier...


Jenn said...

love the FEET FOTO :) and so glad you were able to have a couple more days at the beach - i'm still jealous! :)

Katy said...

i'm glad you were able to get a few more days out of the deal - looks like you had more space at the beach too! :)