Monday, September 27, 2010

good stuff

rainy monday here.
kind of a nice way to ease into a new week.

some good "stuff" to share from the weekend {that's all i have time for before school pick up and spending the rest of the day with my sweet, favorite little people...and pat, too...eventually :-)}

i made this dip on saturday - AMAZING! we are still eating the leftovers. YUM!

pat and i watched Date Night on saturday night. it was SO funny! just what i needed. cute funny. we loved it. and i LAUGHED!

we went out to dinner last night. all of us. to a restaurant...where you sit down and they take your order and you wait for your food and everything! it was partly to truly give me some "rest" by not making dinner. and partly because our kids have been complimented numerous times this past week and we wanted them to know we are proud of them. and partly because it's good for them to go to restaurants on occasion so that they learn how to behave in one! and partly to be out of our house with our chores and lists and just focus on our kids {can you tell going to a restaurant is a rarity?? :-)}

it was perfect. seriously. it was the perfect meal together as a family.
you always know (well, you should expect) it to be awful. or at least know it's a possibility.
you just never know how it will all shake out.
but it was so enjoyable. we actually ENJOYED the conversation and listened to each other.
pat was SO cute and printed out this list of questions before we left that he whipped out of his pocket and we probably only actually asked about 6 of the first 25 questions.
but it was so fun to do!
maybe we'll take them out to eat month ;-)

good stuff.
thought i'd share.
any one else have any good stuff to share with us??


Tisha said...

Oh, I REALLY like that list of questions!! These would be great writing assignments for my older kids! Thank you for the link. Glad you had a nice weekend.

Christy said...

That dip looks AWESOME!
Definitely making it---the website looks great too---I need new recipes SOOOOO bad! :)


Andrea said...

Hope you got our vitamins today! Thanks so much!

jenn said...

we watched date night the other week...

i loved when they had the heart-to-heart in the car...the only serious part of the whole movie :) but i loved laughing thru the whole thing too!

aren't *successful* restaurant visits so nice?? addie has scared us away from restaurants for a while! ;)

Tammy said...

so great...glad that you laughed. John's parents actually gave us that movie after they bought it and didn't like it. now i am really curious to watch it. :) wish john liked sour cream b/c i would be all over that dip, looks yummy. and love that you all went out, and LOVE that pat had those questions. what a great idea.

jstar said...

I would like to know what the answer to #13 was..."Which one of our friends is the funniest looking? Why?". Was it Evan? You can be honest. ;)