Monday, September 27, 2010

pictures with captions

rebekah made this pillow for me.
all by herself.
it's quite possibly the best present i've ever received!!!!
she is so sweet...and loves to give gifts...definitely her love language!


while she was making the pillow, i was hanging out with Megan!
oh, what a sweet time together!
why did you have to move away, friend??
rebekah is getting pretty good at her roller blades!


why do toddlers never put their shoes on the correct feet?
this one is showing some signs of "kindergarten"...she's matter how early she goes to bed.
and hard to get along with.
she needs LOTS of love and touch.
i'm trying...but it just doesn't seem to be enough.
it's a BIG adjustment...

she still manages to pull out TONS of energy in the afternoons, though!
and always a smile.
she might have been crying 2 seconds before.
but she can't NOT smile for very long...

it was a great day.
supposed to be SUPER rainy.
but it stopped for awhile in the afternoon and we were able to play outside! it was so fun because it was a surprise!


jenn said...

what a sweet pillow from a sweet, sweet girl!

and um, bailey? i could eat her UP!


Beckysblog said...

just love those pictures of Bailey! I'd like to be inside her head!