Friday, September 10, 2010

A Fancy Tea Party

there were a lot of "crafts" in preparation for this party!

we glued "fancy things" on the silverware...
i made more of those tissue paper flowers like the ones that are in the girls' room...

and made "sparkly" place cards!

yesterday we all helped decorate the cookies
{rebekah was VERY sad she wasn't going to be here...}

pat and i haven't really seen each other or talked at all this week.
it's just been crazy.
so, last night we were catching up for the first time and i said,
"before you leave for work tomorrow morning i need you to help me bring the dining room table out to the front lawn."
he gave me that look.
the one that could have gone either way.
because he's so great, he said, "ok."
and helped me this morning without question.
LOVE HIM! 7:30 am when the WHOLE neighborhood is driving/walking by to take their kids to school, we are lugging our table out to the yard :-)

he left and bailey and i finished setting up.
the party started at 9:30 am and we barely finished!
it takes a LOT of work to get ready for a fancy tea party!
{i also wanted HER to be able to help a lot...which takes longer...}

they used our REAL china
the ones we got for our wedding and NEVER use
why not?!?

the favors were: A princess silly band, a lip gloss and the napkin they would use (with a tu-tu sewed onto the bottom :-))

it was the most gorgeous morning!
it was actually a little chilly...and breezy...but still perfect!

i had 2 specific prayers for bailey's party this morning:
1) that she would feel special and loved
2) that i wouldn't get a headache (i often get headaches during something like this)

both prayers were answered and i'm so thankful.

as the girls arrived, we decorated placemats with sequins and pom-poms.
there really wasn't much decorating going on.
but that was ok.
they were just so CUTE sitting there together!
and they were so quiet!
{that changed later...}

they took their placemats to the table.
and then we played "Follow the Fancy Leader"
they mostly just RAN.
then they got tired and thirsty so we did the tea party!

their conversation was HYSTERICAL.
i can't remember ANY of it right now.
but holly and i were DYING!
they were explaining and gossiping and laughing and it was just.too.much!
{see sawyer on the corner? he was standing there on a little chair. he was so quiet the whole time. just taking it all in!}

we had sunshine tea {more of the girls drank this than i thought!}

and fancy words on the table :-)

after they ate and chatted and laughed we played "Fancy Freeze Tag"
when the "tagger" tagged you, you had to freeze in a "fancy" pose
then, to get unfrozen, someone had to run up to you and say "voila!"

Grace getting "unfrozen" by Bailey


after that game we went back to the table and had cookies
singing "happy birthday" to her

i am not really a "girly girl"
but it sure was fun doing this for my sweet, "fancy" girl!

i tried to make them all feel so "big" by letting them pick their food off of each plate as it was passed

and lemonade :-) PINK of course!

then she opened her gifts

and some dancing as we waited for the moms to come :-)

i think she had a GREAT party and it was the sweetest group of girls!

she got on the bus a couple minutes later...that was hard for her.
she also got in trouble right before she left which didn't make it any easier.
{chose to open a bag of candy right after i told her NOT TO "because her friend told her to"}
but it was a great teaching moment and i'm glad i had the wisdom to make it into one and not just "let it go" because it's a lesson she REALLY needs to get...making wise choices even when your friends encourage you not to...AND not blaming your friends for YOUR choices!
not the way i wanted her party to end...but that's "real" life!

and then sawyer and i cleaned up!


Alden and Dorian said...

Oh my goodness Courtney ~ what a FANCY tea party!!!! YOu are SO amazing!!!!! I loved seeing Bailey....and YOU, and her friends....and cute Sawyer!!! Lovely, lovely, lovely. perfect for Miss Bailey. I love your creativity and that you make it HAPPEN! What a smile you put on my!

Leah said...

LOVE IT!! I still can't believe you did this all for her BEFORE school. That's the way to be an amazing Mom, MAKE time for our children. Love you!

Cassie said...

so fun!
i loved seeing pics with YOU in them, too!!
i bet it's a birthday she'll remember forever.
good job, mom!

Beckysblog said...

oh that looked perfect.
lauren had a fancy nancy bday when she was 6.
And now Im sad!

But way to go on the great party for your little Nancy!

Kim said...

that was adorable!!! we are getting ready to plan paige's party and maybe i will steal - err i mean "borrow" :) some of your ideas. what is sunshine tea? i am not a tea drinker? is it a special kind of actual tea or somethign creative that you came up with?

{Staci} said...

We had a Fancy Nancy birthday last year nad loved it. I loved your set up. So sweet.

OneThankfulMom said...

What a great mom you are! Honeybee is having her "first ever very own birthday party" today. I hope she loves every minute of it.


Amy said...

So sweet! You threw a great "girly party!" :)

Michelle said...

I love this! So fun to have it out in the yard!

Christy said...

SO adorable and creative courtney!!!! I love the picture of the table and the flowers blowing in the wind----and you look GORGEOUS!

SO fun, and happy birthday sweet Bailey!!!!! :)

T-Luh said...

This was just beautiful! It was so fun (and funNY) to be here too. Fun- to hear the happy little fancy girl squeals. Funny- to see your dining room table in your front yard...however your decorations were so elegant that it looked completely appropriate. The funny part was afterward- the bare table in the front yard. ;p

You're an amazing mom to amazing kids, Courtney!

Happy Birthday Fancy Bailey!

The Faircloth Five said...

Woah Courtney, I am so impressed! Yes, the weather was PERFECT for a tea party and you did awesome. All that planning during the first week of school and all the adjusting that goes along with that. I'm impressed. Great job. You are an awesome, awesome mom! Don't ever forget that!!!

Holly said...

I was impressed...with your last week and this week....Bailey was loved on for sure and I could see in her eyes that she was perfectly pleased and celebrated and that's what matters!
Awesome job!

Julie said...

that was so cool. Can you plan MY next party? I would love to have a fancy party with you there!!!!

Katy said...

what a WONDERFUL perfectly fancy party for bailey! i'm totally going to steal ALL of that (except for the sewing parts...i may have to hire that out....but callie and i would have LOVED to be there!! and sawyer just watching it all - that totally cracked me up!

Ali said...

Looks like a fabulous time! You look gorgeous, Courtney! (even with all your recent tears :) What sweet memories for Bailey.

beckley said...


oh, that's fancy for good.

nice work, mama.
i'm tired looking at it, so i can only imagine...

things here are insane. i'll be praying for you in tow.

Janet said...

Courtney; you are amazing! what a beautiful gift you gave Bailey! Absolutely amazing! Your hard work paid off - just look at Bailey's smiles - it says it all. I hope you get some well earned rest today!

Linlee said...

Amazing party!!! Looks like it was so much fun!

Kim said...

That was so wonderful and you did a great job Courtney. they all were so cute and all the smiles. take care

Jenkins said...

Love it! The invitation is the best and the picture of her is perfect!

Hmmm, I wonder if any of my boys would like a fancy tea party...

Probably not, I will just enjoy your adorable pictures!

Kate and Geoff said...

um. that was


wish i could've been there!

anthonyandbeth said...

i love this! what a sweet party for your girl and it looks like it was just perfect for her! i can't wait to totally steal this idea one day. :)

Megan said...

What a great party! Happy birthday Bailey girl! And kudos to the wonderful mommy who made it all happen for her!