Saturday, September 11, 2010


for those of you that are impressed
or think i'm amazing.

just keeping it real.

i'm barely hanging on.

my filters are wherever my sanity is.
when someone asks me, "how are you?" in passing...

i say, "do you want the answer you expect or the real answer?"
and they look at me like, WOW. :-)

i'm on the verge of tears.
for no REAL reason other than all that's gone on the past few weeks.

i'm exhausted in EVERY sense of the word.
and trying to be and love and DO for pat and the kids who are ALSO exhausted in every sense of the word.

i'm praying CONSTANTLY.
He's getting me through.
moment by moment.
we are doing fine.
and we will be fine.

but i just wanted to keep it real.
the past few weeks have taken their toll.
and i'm not just bouncing along like some of you might think i am...


Holly said...

is there a time of rest coming Courtney?
I don't mean the selfish kind of rest, I mean the 'your kids need a healthy mommy' kind of rest?

Michelle said...

Oh Courtney, I do hope you find time to rest, soon! Don't put too much pressure on yourself to it all, all the time. We love you!

Katy said...

and that's why we love you so. because you ARE real. you know the right answers - you know what the MOST important things keep focusing on those truths (and schedule in some PEACE and REST - for all of you! i'm sure today was full with soccer and everything but praying that tomorrow is a true day of worship and rest for you!

jenn said...

hoping you were able to rest a little this weekend??

love you!


Kim said...

get some rest and take time for yourself. Don't over do you need to stop sometimes and let it go well be there later.
love you courtney