Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Puzzle

i bought this puzzle early in the summer.
thinking it would be a fun thing to do at some point...either at home or on vacation.

this past monday morning i dumped it out on our dining room table and we started!

we typically worked on it right after breakfast and our "journal" time.
some days i did the puzzle instead of eating lunch...while they ate lunch!
it was addictive and i loved it!

it ended up being a great stress reliever during this crazy week...

one night pat and i sat in there after the kids went to bed and worked on it for a long time.
that was fun!

we still had a LONG way to go this morning...

joshua was really the only kid that spent a significant amount of time on it.

and we finished it!!!

it wasn't on our "summer list" but i think a puzzle will be on our summer list from now on!
that was fun!


Katy said...

it's the perfect summer puzzle too - so cute! we LOVE puzzles...but feel like it's impossible to have out with kids running around all the time. our card table isn't big enough to hold the big 1000 piece puzzles, and since we have only the kitchen table, we just have to be patient i suppose. i LOVE them though - david and I used to do them all the time! way to go cassadas! :)

Michelle said...

that is awesome, my kids love to do puzzles we do one every year at the beach but I don't have the patience anymore to sit through one...LOL.. too bad because they are fun...awesome job.

Alden and Dorian said...

What an adorable puzzle and what great fun you all had with it!!!! :)