Saturday, August 28, 2010

lightening the mood

things have been a little tense around here this morning...
pat didn't sleep last night and i chose to go to bed later than i should.
LOTS to do.
we BOTH have long lists...and our lists are totally different.

things were getting a little tense...until a BIRD flew in our house!
{we had the door to the garage open}

there was some freaking out.
and then just laughter.
because what else can you do??

we got it out eventually.
it actually flew into that glass so hard that it fell to the floor...stunned...and pat put it out in a fishing net.
he was fine after a few minutes and flew away!

and, there's always cookie dough, too!

back to the lists...


Katy said...

i'm sure that you guys weren't the only ones freaking out - i'm sure that poor little bird didn't know WHERE he'd flown into! :)

Tammy said...

too funny about the bird...we used to always have birds that would fly into our sliding doors growing up. would totally agree that cookie dough can fix any mood. :)

Judy said...

We've had the same tiny little hummingbird fly into our garage twice now and the poor thing can't figure out how to get out. We've spent hours getting that thing out of our garage because I was so worried about it dying. The kids loved the whole adventure, but I would probably freak out if it was in my house. I just hope you didn't have to clean up any bird poop!

Kim said...

That has happen a long time ago not fun, puzzle time really brought back times at the beach. so fun. Oh and the cookie dough i stiil like it my self....
have a fun rest of the weekend.

Kate and Geoff said...

Better a bird than a squirrel, like I had once. :-)