Monday, August 30, 2010

the trip down

pat can NOT handle traffic when we head to the beach.
he deals with hours of commuting in traffic every DAY at home.
and he tries to avoid it at all costs when we head out of town.

which, in our area, means that we leave when it's still dark outside.

so...we were on the road a little before 6:30 am on sunday (later than he was a compromise)

arrived into the outer banks by 11:30 am (even with stopping for breakfast and 3 extra times to discipline a very cute but VERY "2" little boy)

we couldn't check into our house until 4 pm.
so we had a few hours to kill...just our family...before the rest of our friends started arriving
(they arrived around 4 - which kinda makes more sense...)

anyways...we ate lunch at a restaurant on the beach.
and laughed :-)

then we found a field to play in

it ended up being a very nice few hours together as a family!
and we were on VACATION even if we weren't in our house yet...which, after the previous few days...was VERY nice and needed!!!


Katy said...

we've started hearing about the hurricane here too, so i'm praying it doesn't affect your week too much. i'm with pat - much easier to leave early and travel than later and be stuck in traffic. and look at the extra bonus family time you got there! :)

Christy said...

Are you in Duck???!!!

I feel like I recognize that park :)

Have a GREAT time!!!!!!!!! Hope you get some time to RELAX :)