Monday, August 30, 2010


what a GREAT day!

i started off with an early 5 mile run.
BEST run since before i injured my hip!

then a few of us (and rebekah!) went and did yoga on the town lawn :-)

not the best yoga class i've ever done...but it was fun to do together!

spent the morning at the beach.
the waves were HUGE (from a hurricane that's out at sea and is affecting the water) and we couldn't get IN the water
(i wasn't sad...but the big kids were)

the weather was PERFECT! {remember last year?!?}
80's and sunny!

and then the afternoon at the pool.
gone are the days where all my kids napped for 3 hours and i had a nice, quiet afternoon by the pool...

these cute!

caroline and rebekah

most of the kids in the pool.
we have 12 adults and 13 kids (6 families)

while dinner was being made the big kids went and played tennis

and the little kids went to the playground in the neighborhood

we've kind of gotten into the routine of feeding the kids dinner around 6 pm

then putting them to bed around 8 pm and THEN the adults sit down to dinner!

each family makes dinner one night.
tonight the young's made a DELICIOUS steak dinner!!!

and we sat around this table for 3 hours...


and laughing

and remembering
such a precious thing to be with people that you have such history with

to remember where we've come from
and hear where we are
and share the changes ahead.

sometimes on vacation i struggle with it feeling "empty"

this doesn't feel empty.
it feels SO full of so many wonderful, deep things {that i'm too tired to list right now...just trust me :-)}

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Katy said...

love the dinner table pictures - captures it perfectly!!