Tuesday, August 31, 2010

happy 9th birthday, rebekah!

my first born.
i always wanted to be a mom.
and YOU made me one.

i'm thankful for the grace you have with me...over and over...as i figure out how to be a mom with you first.

you were my first baby..and you are my first 9 year old...you are always the first.

you are hard.
but you love hard, too.
and i'd rather that than you just being "easy."

you are so so giving.
to those you love.
and to people you don't even know.
it is a quality of yours that has grown even more this past year and it's been so amazing to watch.
God is using you, my daughter.
and it's a privilege to have a first-row seat!

i can almost hear your giggle when i look at this picture.
i love your giggle.
and your hugs.
and your eyes that seem to see into my heart sometimes
{actually, sometimes that drives me crazy}

happy 9th birthday, rebekah.
i love you so very much.


Holly said...

happy brithday sweet girl.
what a cutie!

Katy said...

oh rebekah. you have such an amazing heart. i understand when your mom says she's glad you're hard - it is probably one of your best qualities i think. God has AMAZING things in store for you - you bless your mom and your dad and your siblings in SO many ways! i love you sweet rebekah! happy birthday!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Rebekah, hope you all have a glorious time at the beach.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Rebekah! I was thinking of you today. :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You are such a beautiful, sweet and loving girl. Love, Heather

beckley said...

Happy Birthday, Rebekah!
You've got a fan in this 33 year-old =)

What a beautiful person you are.

Grace and peace continue to be yours this, and each year to come.

Alden and Dorian said...

Precious post for Rebekah's birthday.....give her a BIG hug from us. Have her check my blog for our b'day wish! AND...give her a BIG hug from dad and I. Enjoy your time ~ it looks FANTASTIC! We'll see what Earl does....whatever it does you've had a GREAT time already! Love you Courtney.