Saturday, August 14, 2010

the luray international triathlon!

**don't miss rebekah's birthday party on the previous post! :-)

i had 4 goals in this triathlon:
1) to finish
2) to finish with a smile on my face and feel "strong"
3) to not come in last place
4) to never stop (swimming, biking or never walk on the run, etc.)

i slept good last night. i wasn't expecting that.
fell asleep around 10 pm (got in bed shortly at 9 pm!) and slept HARD til 2:30 am.
then tossed and turned til 4 am when i got up.
got dressed, filled my water bottles, made my bagel with peanut butter and waited in front of my house in the pitch black early morning for annie to come by and pick me up.

i rode there with annie, catherine and susan. they all live in my neighborhood.
i run with annie and catherine.
susan organized the kids' triathlon earlier this summer and we have kids similar ages (her daughter was at rebekah's party last night!)

the sky got lighter and lighter as we drove.
we talked non-stop...mostly NOT about the triathlon and i tried my best not to think about it. when i did, i wanted to throw up.

we got there exactly when we planned on...6:30 am (the race started at 8 am).
we got our packets and chips (to wear...not to eat :-))
set up our transition areas
i went to the bathroom at least 4 times.
the race was VERY well organized!

then, about 7:30 we headed down to the lake area.
and i do mean'll see what i mean later.

pat and the kids drove the 2 hours to cheer me on, too!
i saw them RIGHT before the race started...that helped me a lot.
i was SO SO SO nervous about the swim.

catherine and i right before we start!

there was a lot of confusion about what the yellow and orange buoys in the water meant...which way to go...etc.

which added to my anxiety. but, really, i just followed everyone else! :-)

heading down (sucking up some pride here showing my rearend in a BATHING SUIT!)

in the water...i stayed towards the back so i wasn't on top of people...and so they weren't swimming over me!

here we go!
i was fine for the first 2 minutes.
then i panicked for a few minutes.
once we got around the first buoy i calmed down and was fine...even GOOD for the rest of the swim!

isn't the scenery gorgeous??

the conditions were PERFECT.
it was about 70 degrees when we started and 80 degrees when we finished.
mostly overcast but the sun came out towards the end.
the water temp was 80 degrees.

coming out of the water!
DONE with the swim!

i really couldn't believe i had DONE it and actually felt pretty STRONG during it!

here's what i mean by we went "down" to the lake...see those LONG stairs?? we had to run UP them to get to our bikes!

the bike part KILLED me.
i really wanted to QUIT.
there were SO many hills.
and BIG ones.
and even when it didn't look like a felt like a hill.
it was 25.8 miles of hills and it was HARD.
really hard.
took a LOT of mental energy to get through it for me.

i was so glad to be coming in on the bike and be done with it!

AND so glad to see pat and my 4 sweet kids cheering me on!
they waited so patiently for me while i biked for like 10 hours!

i didn't rush through the transitions.
i took time to to drink and take deep breaths.

headed out on the run.
i just couldn't believe i was to this point!

the run was also super hilly.
but i saw the ladies i had come with on it (they were all ahead of me)
and there were more spectators.

it was hard.
but i just kept telling myself, "you can run 6 miles. you've done it TONS of times. just keep going."

i never walked.
sometimes i was maybe "running" as fast as the people that were walking :-)
but i never walked.

i had quite the cheering squad as i finished...annie, catherine and susan were SCREAMING my name. i could hear them before i could see them.

and pat and the kids were there cheering and taking pictures, too!

man, i was SO SO glad to be finished!!!!!

is that a look of relief or what??

and i reached all 4 of my goals!
i finished...with a smile on my face...i wasn't last...and i never walked!

i'm pretty sure the first words i said to pat were, "don't EVER let me do that again."

me, catherine, susan and annie.
they each ROCKED this triathlon.
and i so enjoyed doing it alongside (well, slightly behind...) them!

and remi (another friend from the neighborhood that i run with) left these on catherine's front step last night...YUMMY cake for after the race! i started getting the spots in my eyes on the drive home (the start of a migraine) and downed the cake and lots of water and advil and was able to fend it off! thanks, remi!!!

when i got home i took the BEST shower ever (there was definitely lots of black and "green-ish" things all over my body under my suit from the lake...EWWW!)

then a nice nap.

then we went to Foster's for dinner. it wasn't my plan. but the kids were driving me CRAZY...arguing, etc. and i just knew that taking them to the restaurant i really wanted to go to would backfire and it would be awful. so, a big burger and a diet coke sitting outside at a shopping center right around the corner was the back-up plan. and it's fine. it's life. it's MY life. the love and support i felt from them (and EVERYONE!) today was way more special than a specific restaurant!

and, just for the record...i peed about 7:30 am this morning...and didn't pee again til 7 pm! that's CRAZY! i was drinking ALL DAY!

it was quite the experience.
it was months...made up by hour after hour of training.
lots of time and sacrifice of other things to get to this point.

i don't know my exact time yet.
they haven't posted it.
i think it was around 3:40...according to pat's estimation...but i'll post the splits when i know them!

i'm glad i did it.
it's quite the accomplishment.
but i'm really not thinking i'll do another least for quite awhile...

looking forward to the freedom to do whatever i want for exercise! and not feel like i HAVE to swim or bike so much!


Alden and Dorian said...

Courtney ~ did an AMAZING job!!!!! It was ALL so stretching and often scarey...and you just kept going....AND did FANTASTIC in your time!!!!!! You are one amazing lady, but then we knew that already. Hip hip horray. Hip Hip Horray. Hip hip horray!!!!! Way to go ~ you ROCKED the triathlon. Dad and I love you! You did a GREAT job at posting this too ~ I loved every part of it. It really helped us to see where you were. Pat ~ GREAT job at picture taking!!! Thank you guys for being there....cheering Courtney on. :) Awesome. Totally Awesome

Amy said...

I got teary reading about the finish! I am so proud of you!! And so happy for you that you accomplished this!! You ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Hello all, thanx a lot for this blog .. This was what I was looking ofr.

Julie said...

you are so crazy and wonderful and lovely. I loved reading this post. And the crazy part is the awesome party for Rebekah right BEFORE the tri. Seriously... you are such a rock star. Hugs to you, and much love, I was praying and glad that you felt it was a success. You ROCK.

Cindy said...

Hi. I am a new reader to your blog, and this post made me cry. Your strength and determination are amazing. And personally, I think one of the best things about this is what was seen through the eyes of your children. They watched you set goals and achieve them. They saw you work hard towards those goals and never give up. They will remember this for the rest of their lives (the ones old enough too anyway!) Great job!! I look forward to catching up on your past blog posts and keeping up with the new ones!
God bless!

Holly said...

wow wow wow.

Mary said...

How awesome! Congratulations on a huge accomplishment!!

Christy said...

I am SO SO proud of you Courtney!!!

Your pictures are amazing--the expression's on your face are priceless!!!! What a STRONG woman and I'm so thankful and happy and proud of you for reaching all of your GOALS!!!! WOW!

Rest that body this week!!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Awesome awesome awesome job Courtney!!!

Beckysblog said...

wow, i was crying 'watching' you come in. way to go! you should feel soo proud!

beckley said...

well done.


The Faircloth Five said...

YAY COURTNEY!!!!!! You should be so, so proud of all your training and for finishing the race! GREAT JOB!

Kim said...

wow!! congratulations! thanks for such an awesome post! i had tears in MY eyes - i can't even imagine the emotions you felt! rest up! and i loved rebekah's party too! how adorable!! where did 9 years go???

anthonyandbeth said...

wow!!! you did AWESOME! i know you are glad it's over but you must be SO proud of yourself! that is such a huge accomplishment and i know your family is super proud too. :) i can't even imagine! i think you are amazing! :)

Tisha said...

Courtney, Amazing!! Well done!! Thanks for taking us along to taste your sweet victory with/for you!!

Tammy said...

so proud of you!!! congratulations. you looked great in all the pictures. so amazing...

Janet said...

Congratulations Courtney!! I second the 'oh my goodness' and the 'you rocked it!'! amazing post and achievement.

Stacie said... go girl! Seriously...that's amazing and such an encouragement to read about! Happy for you that you accomplished your goals!!..(and that now it's over lol!) ;)

Carrie said...

So awesome! You are amazing! Thanks for all the words and pictures to follow this journey and your incredible race! Loved reading about Rebekah's birthday too. I need just an ounce of your creativity! :)

Katy said...

okay - so you seriously ate cake batter the day before and then you go out and ROCK a triathalon! you're amazing!!! i LOVE the pictures - i am SO proud of pat for doing such a good job with his documentary role! you looked amazing - smiling and strong and PROUD!!! What a huge accomplishment - i am SO proud of you my friend! :)

Leighann said...

I am so proud of you. I cried reading the post... don't even know why except that you make me very proud to be your friend. your determination and mental strength is an inspiration.

Colette said...

You are SUPER amazing. When I grow up, I want to be like YOU!